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Two drinkers register high readings in State’s South-East


Police are angry after two drivers were apprehended with extremely high blood alcohol readings last night in the State’s South East

 At 8.45pm a man driving a car on the Jubilee Highway at Mt Gambier allegedly sideswiped a parked car and continued driving.

A short time later police investigating the hit-run crash located the man and car at his home address.

The 37-year-old man from Mt Gambier submitted to a breath test, with police shocked when the man returned a breath analysis reading of 0.370 – more than seven times over the legal limit of 0.05.

Then, just before 9pm last night, a police patrol on mobile radar duty detected a car travelling at 126km/h in a 110-zone on the Dukes Highway between Keith and Bordertown.

The driver, a 34-year-old woman from Keith, was breath tested with police staggered when she registered a blood alcohol reading of 0.324 – more than six times over the legal limit.

Both drivers were disqualified from driving for a minimum of 12 months, their cars were impounded for 28 days and they will both be summonsed to court at later date.

“This irresponsible attitude towards road safety is disturbing,” Superintendent Trevor Twilley, the Officer in Charge of the Limestone Coast Local Service Area, said.

“Both drivers had a blatant disregard for their own safety and the safety of other roads users and it is not acceptable.”

With police starting the annual festive season road safety operation, Safe Holiday, today we urge all drivers across the State, to pause and think before they get behind the wheel of their car and ask themselves, should I be driving?

Police are appealing to every road user to please obey all road rules and drive responsibly over this Christmas Holiday period.

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