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Barker to win from revamped work for the dole conditions


Tony Pasin Federal Member for Barker


Job seekers and local communities in Barker will benefit from the reinvigorated Work for the Dole programme being introduced by the Australian Government.

The scheme is currently operating in 18 areas across Australia, but will be extended throughout the country – including in Barker – from 1 July 2015.

The scheme is already operating in the Barossa as part of a trial in 18 selected areas, but it will be extended right across Australia from 1 July 2015.

Member for Barker, Tony Pasin, said employers told him that young job seekers, in particular, often lacked the basic job skills – such as punctuality, commitment and teamwork – required to succeed in the workforce.

“Work for the Dole practically helps job seekers to gain these essential skills in a work-like setting and improve their chances of finding and keeping paid employment,” Mr Pasin said.

“The communities providing taxpayer support to job seekers also benefit from Work for the Dole because participants in the programme carry out useful work on local projects.

“Put simply, both job seekers and local communities win from Work for the Dole.”

Mr Pasin welcomed the recent introduction of Work for the Dole in the Barossa.

“If South Australia and the Barossa are to prosper and fulfil its potential, we need to do everything possible to get more people into work and off welfare.

“I firmly believe that the best form of welfare is a job, and that the worst thing we can do for job seekers is to allow them to drift into the destructive world of long-term welfare dependency.

“Work for the Dole is a terrific opportunity for people to bring a work-like rhythm to their lives, to learn new skills and behaviours, and to demonstrate to potential employers that they’re keen and ready for paid work.”

Work for the Dole involves job seekers doing work for not-for-profit organisations, or with local, state, territory or Australian Government agencies.

The expansion of Work for the Dole to a national programme is part of the Australian Government’s introduction of a new and more streamlined employment services system from 1 July 2015.

Work for the Dole Coordinators will be appointed in every employment region across the country, and they will work closely with host organisations and employment service providers to help job seekers into Work for the Dole places.

Other Australian Government initiatives to help people move off welfare and into work, include:

• the Job Commitment Bonus for young, long-term unemployed people;

• Relocation Assistance to help people move to a new area to take up work;

• the Restart programme encouraging employers to hire mature-aged workers;

• loans to encourage young workers to complete their apprenticeships;

• the Green Army, which provides valuable experience on local environmental and conservation projects; and

• programmes to help young people in regional areas move from school to work, including through training.

For more information about Work for the Dole, please visit https://employment.gov.au/work-dole

Source: provided by Tony Pasin Federal Member for Barker


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