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Police focused on a safe Australia Day


While many South Australians enjoy the public holiday on Monday, police will be out and about focused on encouraging a safe Australia Day for all.

Monday will see dozens of breakfast events, luncheons, citizenship presentations and council award ceremonies across the state, with more than 130 events scheduled in total.

Please remember:

  • Ensure you eat before and while drinking alcohol.
  • Set a drinking limit for yourself, stick to it and have soft drink or water between alcoholic drinks.
  • Say “NO” when you have had enough to drink, don’t let others top up your drink.
  • Stay with your friends and look after each other.
  • Motorists are reminded that police will be out using both mobile and static Random Breath Testing sites and have the power to stop any vehicle on a road at any time and request the driver to submit to a breath test.
  • When swimming do not leave your valuables under your beach towel. Use a water tight container or leave your valuables secured at home.
  • Remove all fishing rods, tackle boxes, eskies and GPS devices from your boat or trailer.
  • When absent from your campsite or holiday home take all your valuable items with you.
  • Remove all valuables from your vehicle. If you can’t then conceal them in the boot before arriving at your destination.

Source: SAPOL

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