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Tony Pasin MP defends his record

img_TonyPasinProfileTony Pasin MP

by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

Tony Pasin MP Member for Barker defended his record after recent comments by Treasurer Koutsantonis, who asked residents to question what Mr Pasin had brought to the region since being elected. on a recent visit to the area.

Mr Pasin said the Treasurers comments were ridiculous and wrong.

“I will happily contrast my record against his for delivering benefits to the electorate of Barker and the South East in particular,”  said Mr Pasin in a recently released statement.

Mr Pasin listed his achievements since being elected:-

  • $47.8m to improve our local roads through the Roads to Recovery programme.
    • A new Headspace facility for our young people in Mount Gambier;
    • 11 NBN Fixed Wireless towers constructed with 2 more under construction for the South East;
    • 177 new aged care packages;
    • $223,614 for our veterans including $6,200 for the South East Veteran’s Information Centre
    • $192,000 for Landcare programmes
    • $1.1 million for Green Army Projects to improve our natural environment
    • $170,000 for Mary MacKillop School;
    • $10,000 for the Cape Jaffa Lighthouse;
    • $726, 000 for the Port MacDonald Marine Infrastructure Development;
    • $565, 000 to help small and medium sized businesses develop export market opportunities;
    • $1.3m for Kincraig Medical Clinic;
    • $375,500 for the 20 million trees program

Mr Pasin said, ” Treasurer Koutsantonis is responsible for inflicting massive ESL increases on regional families and then refusing to provide that extra revenue to CFS volunteers while undermining their work through their forced merger.”
“Treasurer Koutsantonis is responsible for the highest and most taxing government in Australia and unlike other States he is cutting $98 million from pensioner concessions. He and his government have ignored for over a decade the need to fix the dangerous Wireless Road\Penola Road intersection.”
“The State Government mismanaged the sale of the forests so that the Government only received half of the estimated value in the sale process and have failed to fully distribute the industry assistance package that was promised at the time of the sale.”
“Meanwhile Mr Koutsantonis has been going around full throttle trying to frack the South East.”
“The fact is Treasurer Koutsantonis is seeking to punish regional communities with his city centric policies and is hurting regional families with his economic mismanagement,” Mr Pasin said.

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