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Community Group honors the late Mr Bob Foster


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The late Bob Foster, family man, businessman and community man has been honored with a memorial on the corner of Glen Street and Davenport Terrace, created by Millicent Community Builders.  The solid stonework structure exemplifies the man it honors; a man who said he felt so blessed to have the opportunity to own his own business, that he used his business, Fosters Foodland,  to benefit his community whenever he could.

Mr Bob Foster was known for and is still remembered for his generosity to local community groups, sporting clubs and various causes. He also contributed to countless young people who gained valuable skills working at Fosters Foodland to save for university or career. They learned business skills which included the expected packing and stacking, but they also learned communication skills and how to treat people; and they learned that from the ‘Boss.’ It was often said they graduated with the ‘Diploma of Fosters’ .

Mr Foster carried the title of ‘Boss’ for the length of his business life and is still referred to affectionately by staff, past and present, by this title.

Millicent Community Builders secretary Anne Hughes said today, the committee wanted to honor Mr Foster for his outstanding community contribution.

“He did so much. You just couldn’t put a dollar value on what he did for this community.”

“We chose the corner on Glen Street and Davenport Street because Mr Foster rounded that corner every day of his working life, on his way to the bank, and we thought it would be fitting to have the memorial there.”

“We all remember seeing him walk up that street to the bank every day and we thought it was a good place to have it. When people walk around this corner now they’ll remember Mr Foster and his daily walk to the bank.”

Brian Foster said today it meant a lot to the family that Millicent Community Builders wanted to honor their husband, father and grandfather this way, saying, “I was really moved, we were all were, and it meant a lot to Mum. We were all very appreciative of this gesture by Millicent Community Builders.”

“Don’t they do a marvelous job,” he said referring to Millicent Community Builders. “Look at the round-about, the football fence line with all those trees,  and so many other projects that have improved the town.”

Ms Hughes recalled a humorous tale regarding Mr Foster and his daily banking walk. It was suggested to him some years ago that it would be better for him to drive to the bank instead of walking every day. However, the first time he drove to the bank, he walked back to the shop, leaving the car at the bank. Old habits die hard!

Ms Hughes said the memorial was a Millicent Community Builders project but she was grateful to Dave Reilly and Wattle Range Council who also contributed.

Bob Foster in studio

The late Mr Bob Foster








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