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Inspired mural by Millicent artist

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Mural by Peter Dunn at Fosters Foodland


by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

A new mural painted by Peter Dunn, was installed on the wall of Fosters Foodland supermarket complex this week.

Mr Dunn said in a statement to 5THE FM/wattlerangenow:-

“After some years of exposure to the weather, it was deemed time for an existing mural to be replaced.”

The original mural was erected in 2004 and was part of a Tidy Town project.

With the initial groundwork by Martin Sullivan and generous sponsorship from Fosters Foodland, Millicent based artist Peter Dunn has produced a large wall mural with a wetlands theme and today Peter praised the way the mural has turned into a collaborative effort.

While being an imagined wetland scene, Peter says it was also inspired by time spent at Lake McIntyre and the connection between people and nature that our own natural attraction has become known for.

Peter said he is quietly confident that his efforts may serve to encourage other artists in the region to get more involved in bringing public artworks to town.

“There is so much potential as both individuals and groups bring their giftedness into the public arena and then everyone gets to benefit in some way. The Geltwood Festival is one example, but there are also many other ways and it is only our lack of imagination that can stop us. I see a more co-ordinated effort arising at present and take real heart from council sponsored events which promote creativity.”

The mural consists of five panels, each  6 metres x 2.4 metres and was created by Peter to help promote public artworks in Millicent.

The paint was sponsored by Fosters Foodland and the cost of installation was funded by Wattle Range Council.

Mr Brian Foster said he was pleased to support the project, “it all helps the town to be more attractive to live in and more inviting for visitors,” he said.





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