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Recall of Frozen Berries linked to hepatitis A

Patties Foods is recalling Nanna's mixed berries.

by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

Over the weekend there were several warnings about the frozen mixed berries possibly linked to hepatitis A outbreak in Victoria and New South Wales. A  spokesperson for SA Health said today there had been no reported cases of hepatitis A, linked to the berries, in SA.

The two products recalled are –

  • One-kilogram bags of Nanna’s frozen mixed berries which were recalled on Saturday as a result of the health scare in Victoria and NSW
  • This morning the Creative Gourmet frozen berries have also been recalled.

If you have these in your freezer, do not use them – the health dept advises you to destroy them and tell the outlet you bought them from.


return them to the outlet you bought them from and they will destroy them.

The health scare is related to an outbreak of hepatitis A which may be linked to these products.

If you have consumed these berries recently, the symptoms to watch for are:-

Hepatitis A

  • Symptoms commence two to seven weeks after exposure
  • Early symptoms include fever, nausea and loss of appetite
  • After several days jaundice develops: yellowed skin and eyes
  • Dark urine, pale stools, diarrhoea

Early detection is important to prevent the spread of the disease.



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