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Birthday celebration surprise for Bellman family

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by ‘Chappy’ for 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

Mt Burr’s Kevin and Aileen Bellman’s son Bradley lives in Manchester England where he works as a train driver. He turned 50 recently.

His parent’s Kevin and Aileen were in Adelaide at their son Mark’s house to celebrate Bradley’s birthday which was going to include a skype session with Bradley in Manchester.

Aileen just began talking to Bradley’s mate Craig on skype from Manchester. He told Eileen he’d go and get Bradley to talk to her.

Kevin and Aileen were unaware that Bradley had decided to come to Australia to surprise them for his 50th birthday and was at brother Mark’s home.

He crept up behind his Mum and said, “Mum wish me Happy Birthday.”

A fantastic surprise for the Bellman’s.

Best wishes to the Bellman’s from all 5THE FM for lovely time with your family.

One thought on “Birthday celebration surprise for Bellman family

  1. What a great story. Hope they all had a fabulous time