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You ask nothing of me – Janet Crease



janet and friend

Janet and friend



by Phil Golding for 5THE FM’s newsonline wattlerangenow

Millicent resident Janet Crease provided an account of her rich life as a canine companion and trainer at the Millicent Library on Thursday 28th May. Initially these special relationships developed as a means to manage Janet’s PTDS from childhood trauma, but her dog whispering skills became valuable in a broad range of public activity.

Arson Forensic investigation made use of Janet’s Weimaraners, complete with paw moccasins, to detect the presence of accelerants at fire-sites. This assisted with the direction of investigation and Insurance outcomes.

The location of Pollutant sources near water-ways could also be identified by Janet’s dogs.

Search and Rescue for Missing Persons was a role well suited to Janet’s Doberman and Weimaraners. There was spectacular Television footage shown of the dogs working at such a task in the Blue Mountains.

The Weimaraners also assisted in reviewing the site identified by French Clairvoyant Croiset as the probable place of burial of the Beaumont children who tragically went missing in the ‘60s.

The presence of Long-Haired Retriever “Grace” at Janet’s presentation confirmed that the most continual gift offered by dogs in Janet’s and others’ lives is the gift of companionship and service.

All present could appreciate Janet’s claims of relationship, routine regulation and emotional support that dogs have provided us humans for millennia.

In addition to a selection of TV News extracts, Janet completed her presentation by reading a written piece of her own, “Just Like A Dog”.

Extract: “You ask nothing of me, your expectations are simple, only those of food, shelter and of a place of comfort to rest, just like a dog. But, what you offer, give me, how do I thank you, express my gratitude for my emotional and physical safety. I accept being a member of your pack, your family, which, just like a dog, you give and accept freely, with grace, humility and poise, ‘just like a dog’.

Janet Laughing

Janet and friends


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