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Lake McIntyre news with Noel Boyle

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Noel Boyle

Noel Boyle was a guest at 5THE FM on Wednesday 10th June with an update on Lake McIntyre news and prepared the following report for 5THE FM/wattlerangenow.
Concreting of BBQ.

I’m happy to report that the final BBQ was concreted around, last week. It was a large task just for the preparation alone. We had to arrange for the gas pipes to be installed to the BBQ in readiness for the connection to a large gas cylinder, the door to be cut, to allow for the concrete to go higher, plus the digging out of the area. On the next day it was the pegging out on the site. Last Wednesday was the actual day for pouring the slab. This was a large job which the volunteer, who actually did the main work, was extremely knocked up when the job was finished, late in the day. Although he had a couple of helpers we were limited in what we could do to help him. This week we have been levelling off the area around the BBQ placing clods of lawn and soil to get it looking its best. There was a barrow of concrete left over and rather than just tip it out and then remove it later, a shallow area was dug out and lined with plastic and filled with the leftovers. Today whilst working out there I noticed a number of birds were using the bird bath already.

Lake 10

 Display cases

We have had 2 more display cases installed at the Interpretative Centre out at the Lake making it 3 in total. For this we have to thank the volunteers who are working under Max

Employment up at the museum.

The committee are pleased these display cases are finished because we have a number of photos to go in them, some depicting changes at the lake over the years while a number will show the various birds etc. that can be seen on a visit to the Lake.
High School and TAFE students. Students from the Millicent High school will commence work this week on a path down to bird hide 2. Those that know the area will realise the one I’m talking about – it’s the one with a steep path down to the hide. Although it’s got a hand rail, over the years the gravel has become loose, so with the help from the Wattle Range Council this project has got the go ahead.
Eradication of Italian Buckthorn

The eradication of Italian Buckthorn around the Lake is still ongoing. The area just inside the fence on the road to the saleyards, from the main entrance up to and past Miland, has had this shrub removed. It was great to have this work completed because it has be on going for a number of years. A concerted effort by our volunteers over the last few months has resulted in the completion of this project and now the native trees will have a better chance of survival.
Venomous bites and stings – workshop.
Volunteers attended a full day workshop and had a chance to get up close and personal with a variety of snakes.

Visit to Rotary Island.

Two days were spent on Rotary Island eradicating, the last of the blackberries which we had sprayed last year, thistles, bridal creeper and of course Italian Buckthorn. Although the water level has dropped we still needed a rowing boat to get across to the island because of a number of deep channels. 3 native trees were also planted. On the island it was great to see a tree that was planted a couple of years back surviving and is now over 3 metres tall. The success rate on these islands is not good due to being unable to get to the islands easily during the summer days. Like all trees they need the water for at least the first year.

Birds at the Lake

3 Magpie Geese paid us a brief visit a couple of weeks ago. Just long enough for us to take a few photos and then they moved on. 3 Swans and 2 pelicans stayed for a number of weeks. We not only record the birds that we see we also record other critters. A mouse spider was spotted in the undergrowth while we were cleaning up the Italian Buckthorn. Although I did not see it – they tell me it had fangs but no one has ever suffered side affects through a bite.

Water Level

Any one that goes to the Lake will notice the water level is down, which is normal for this time of the year. The recent rains have caused the water to start lying around on the ground and in the last few weeks changes are definitely taking place. The Lake is spring fed and soon the water table will rise and we will hopefully have a full lake again.

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