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5THE FM joins a man on a mission for the homeless

Robert Stewart and Chappy in 5THE FM studios

by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

Kalangadoo’s Robbie Stewart is a man on a mission with a heart for the less fortunate. For the past 2 years Robbie has slept out over night in September to raise money to buy swags for the homeless,  raising over $2500-00 in total for Swagtember. This year Robbie has a $5000-00 target. He has 2 rides planned to raise money but is still undecided if he’ll sleep out as well this year; it all depends on the support he gets, he told 5THE FM.

Robbie spoke to Chappy on 5THE FM to share his story and why he wants to help the homeless. He became involved 2 years ago and it has become a mission of his to continue to raise funds and to end homelessness.  He’d like to see a time where everyone has somewhere to call their own; somewhere safe to stay.

Inspired by Robbie’s passion and commitment,  5THE FM has registered for Swagtember with Bill ‘Chappy’ Chapman leading the 5THE FM’ers to sleep out on a date yet to be decided in September. Plans are underway  with other 5THE FM’ers putting their hand up to sleep out with Chappy.  A caravan may be involved and some warm indoor arrangements for some but Chappy will sleep out on the bench. A sausage sizzle, a fire drum and some entertainment is on the cards at this stage. It costs just $60-00 to have one of the purpose made swags made and Chappy has already been promised enough to fund two swags. It means two people’s  lives will be changed and perhaps even saved because they’ll have a warm bed to sleep in.

Swagtember raises money to buy waterproof swags for the homeless. On any given night over 100,000 Australians are homeless each year and a Street Swag can save a person’s life when it’s cold or wet outside.

With current funding levels from the community, Street Swags have been able to manufacture an average of up to 5,000 swags per year.  In peak times, such as winter and Christmas, Street Swags simply cannot keep up with demand.  More information and how you can help by becoming a swaggie for a night, and raise funds, can be found on  http://swagtember.com.au/about/

This year Robbie has two rides planned to raise money.  The first will take place on September 4th and he will ride from Kalangadoo to Mt Gambier and on September 19th  he will ride from Kalangadoo to Penola.

Robbie says many people can become homeless just because of a change in their circumstances. It can be sickness, family break up, loss of job and also the effects of drugs and alcohol.

“It can happen to anyone,” Robbie says.

Robbie’s vision includes getting some land and building shelters where the homeless can go to be safe instead of sleeping in parks, sporting stadiums and building doorways.


robbie stewart

Robbie Stewart getting ready

Go to http://everydayhero.com.au  to sponsor Robert Stewart’s rides scheduled for early next month. 5THE FM will be following Robbie’s Swagtember on 107.7 and wattlerangenow.

Support for 5THE FM’s Swagtember   can be brought to 5THE FM, 31 Railway Tce Millicent Tuesdays to Fridays or go to http://everydayhero.com.au and donate to page name – 5THE FM.

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