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Abbie Golding enjoys the Pioneers game

Abbie 2

Pioneers No 35 Damian Johnson with Abbie Golding

by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

The Pioneers and Bendigo match in Mt Gambier Friday night saw the Pioneers win their 3rd straight Conference title to the delight of the team and their supporters but the most excited person in the crowd was undoubtedly 9 year old Abbie Golding. Big sister Kate surprised Abbie, an avid basketball fan, with tickets to the match.

Abbie was all smiles through out the match watching the Pioneers defeat  Bendigo 79 – 65  clapping and cheering for everyone of the 79  goals, however she particularly loved the slam dunks and was very happy to meet Pioneers No 35 Damian Johnson after the match who contributed many of them.  The crowd is allowed onto the court to mix with the players after the match and Abbie had her photo with Damian and the Cheerleaders. While thrilled to see the basketball, Abbie may have been just a little more excited to have her photo with the cheerleaders and is perhaps a cheerleader in the making.

To finish off a perfect night Abbie hung out with the cheerleaders and enjoyed a burger.


Abbie 1

Pioneers Cheerleader with Abbie Golding (Centre)


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