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Newbery Park Primary School Planting at Lake McIntyre


Planting 1

by Deirdre Tiddy for 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

  Lake McIntyre representative Deirdre Tiddy  helped out on the Newberry Park Primary School planting days recently at Lake McIntyre.   On Friday August 14th Angela Jones brought 14 Newbery Park Primary School year 1 students, and their teacher Mark Elkins, to plant 30 trees around the back of the lake.

The trees planted were:-

9 Bursaria spinosa (Sweet Bursaria)

2 Acacia melanoxylon (Blackwood)

2 Allocasurina Verticillata (Drooping Sheoak)

2 Eucalyptus willisii (Peppermint Gum)

14 Eucalyptus leucoxylon (SA Bluegum)

In the future these trees will give the bushland birds extra nectar feeding opportunities. The planting area was spread along the higher ground at the back of the lake.

Because each adult had only 3 or 4 students, everyone could all follow Angela’s directions very well. Mulch was scraped away, trees were put into the soil and covered, and then the students put tree guards around each one.

I was most impressed by the enthusiasm, friendliness and excellent manners of every student. A delightful morning – plus the rain stayed away!

Gavin’s preparations were excellent and much appreciated.

Thursday September 3rd – The drizzle stopped long enough after 9.15am to allow 18 year 2 students, accompanied by their teacher Gaynor Whitby, and SSO Sheree Conlon, from Newbery Park primary School to plant 125 grasses and ground covers. These comprised of 105 Stipa stipoides (Coastal Spear Grass) and 20 Kunzea pomifera (Muntries) and were planted in the garden bed on the right of the roadway near the front gate. No preparations were required as the students selected the spot for each of their plants, and completed the task with their trowels. A cane stake was used to indicate where each small grass was planted. These plants will give shelter to the small birds.

Once again Angela brought a group of very well-behaved, enthusiastic and courteous students to enjoy their experience at the lake.

Angela has invited me to attend their next School Assembly when the 2 classes will give reports on their Lake McIntyre planting events

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