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Kincraig GP’s thank supportive community



Kincraig Medical Clinic Doctors Front: Dr Michaela Malek (registrar) Dr Jeff Taylor (practice partner) Back: Dr Tony Cohen (practice partner) Dr Nicholas Lye (registrar) Dr Ron Wallingford (registrar) Dr Pulak Sarker (practice partner)

by S Lowe 5THE FM’S newsonline wattlerangenow

Kincraig Medical Clinic GP’s has been in difficult, protracted, contractual negotiations with Country Health SA for some weeks and have been in a lock-out situation from the Naracoorte Hospital for 25 days; a situation that several other clinics have potentially faced, including Millicent Medical Clinic, Penola, and Kangaroo Island.  Victor Harbour’s difficult contractual negotiations with CHSA resulted in a permanent lock out so Naracoorte patients will be relieved to hear that the local GP’s will be back at work in the hospital early next week. In a joint statement last night both parties agreed that a standard contract had been signed. Kincraig Medical Clinic have released a statement this afternoon saying thankyou to their community and supporters as they stood on what they call important principles. Their statement in full follows:-

“DOCTORS at the Kincraig Medical Clinic would like to thank our community and supporters for their understanding of our stand on the important principles behind the recent lock –out imposed upon us by Country Health SA.

Which issues still remain?

The new Royal Adelaide Hospital is costing $1 million a day in interest and with the two-month delay next year it is going to cost an extra $835,000 per day in interest. Therefore Country Health SA has had its budget reduced as well as being advised to find “efficiencies”. This translates to cost-cutting by way of reducing contracts, cancelling elective theatre and extending waiting lists. Also affected are ambulance services and nursing levels at our hospitals.

Our position has been that a mutually acceptable contract is vital for all parties and most importantly for patients and essential tool for attraction and retention of skilled doctors, both now and into the future.

Research shows country people are at increased risk of adverse medical outcomes due to lack of existing services in local areas, we cannot accept any further compromise which would undermine regional services and fail to meet the SA Health mandated standards of care for patients.

Regardless of whether CHSA follow SA Health mandate, KMC as part of our commitment to care for our patients will provide a fourth doctor at caesarean sections despite not being funded for a fourth on call.

KMC is proud that it has under gone principled negotiations in good faith and done our best to raise important issues of sustainable quality health care for Naracoorte & surrounding district. Likewise we are also proud of how far the discussion about standards/mandates and the inequality for rural patients went, being discussed in parliament on Wednesday.

We are committed to continuing to service Naracoorte and our community for many years to come.

“You may wish to hear a detailed explanation of events as recently broadcast on ABC Radio South East. to do so just click on the link below and press on the bar marked GRAHAM, TAYLOR AUDIO”


** 5THE FM/ wattlerangenow.com.au have invited CHSA to respond and will update when it is available

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