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Immediate rebate benefits patients

by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangennow

TYRO landed in Millicent this week and has been welcomed by staff and patients of the Medical Clinic Milicent. TYRO is an integrated EFTPOS and Easy Claim system for billing and has been installed to provide an easy, efficient and effective way of billing with the focus of meeting patients needs by returning their rebate with in 11 seconds.

“The patient’s rebate is back in their bank account before they leave the counter,” said Practice Manager Anne Bierwirth and this is a way we can help patients receive their rebate immediately instead of waiting for several weeks for a cheque which then has to be banked. It cuts out several steps for patients and means they are  not be out-of-pocket for that time either.”

“The Medical Clinic Millicent is always focussed on delivering high quality care along with offering innovative streamlined services that meet patient needs,” she said.

“What this new technology means for patients is that with TYRO easy claim we can offer patients immediate Medicare rebates, paid into a debit card of their choice in 11 seconds. Not only is this solution faster than conventional claiming options, there is no waiting for cheques in the post and no need to register your bank details with Medicare and patients get their refund immediately.”

Ms Bierwirth said the new system has been accepted well by patients.

Clinic patient Maria Seidl welcomed the new system saying, “This is good, I am always asking my husband if the rebate cheque has arrived and has he banked it because we just lose track of them sometimes but this is a very good system, you know it is your bank straight away.”  Ms Seidl went on to say that she thought it would be a very good system for people with families and perhaps on a budget; they may find it hard to manage while they are waiting for their rebate cheque and sometimes they have several appointments close together if they have children who get sick at the same time and that can make it hard for families.

Clinic staff members Sue and Debbie said patients have accepted the new system well.

“It is only one more step for us when we process the account but is a big help to patients,” Sue said. “They know the rebate is back in their account before they leave the clinic.”

Medical Clinic Staff member Julie said she thought the main reason it has been accepted so well is the Practice Manager Ms Bierwirth has spent time on the floor explaining the process to patients. The patient feels more confident about the whole process because it is being explained to them she said.

Bill, also a patient of the clinic said he thought the advancement of technology is quite amazing that this service can be offered and while he hasn’t experienced TYRO himself he thought it was a good system and another patient Adam said he thought it was a great idea and would be very helpful to most people.

A patient also said they thought it would be a good system for other medical services to adopt.

A mother with young children said she thought it was an excellent service and would be a help to families.

“We always endeavour to listen to feedback from our patients, and more recently the feedback has been around the inconvenience of waiting for Medicare rebate cheques being posted to patients and having to return the cheque to the clinic so we are now pleased to be able to offer TYRO which is an integrated EFTPOS system that links our billing software and also Medicare, which returns the patient’s rebate in 11 seconds, ” Ms Biewirth said.

Patient privacy has been protected in this article but all names have been provided.







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