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Kangaroo Inn Area School news

Source: Kangaroo Inn Area School

As part of the Student Wellbeing policy development, Kangaroo Inn Area School will have a guest speaker Monday, 11th Aug. Derrick McManus will be presenting to the Yr 4 – 12 students about his life and the values he follows. Derrick was a policeman who was shot in a hostage situation. His workshops focus on resilience, overcoming obstacles in life and living positively. Parents are welcome to the student sessions

Yr 4 – 6 8.50 – 10.00am Yr 7 – 12 10.20 – 11.30am

Data has been collected from the students, families and staff about the characteristics of their IDEAL SCHOOL. Originally the next step was to get the school community to vote on the identified values to reduce them to an achievable group.

However, after reviewing and grouping all of the sticky notes, there are some stand-out values which they will adopt for KIAS. These values which will sit alongside the schools Mission Statement, STRIVE FOR LIFE.

The next step will be for the students to record what each value looks like in practice.

This week, Vanessa Kirkham has visited from the DECD E-mentoring program.

E-mentoring is an innovative program where students are matched with a mentor and they speak online in a safe,monitored environment once a week. They have trialled this with two students and will be nominating more students to participate. The program aims are to support students to build relationships and create connections outside the school environments. Vanessa, on behalf of Open Access, also donated 4 computers to KIAS!

 Nick Hurst and Tom Gould  represented the district in SAPSASA Golf


Sam Oshodi

Kangaroo Inn Area School was extremely fortunate to be visited by African drummer Sam Oshodi. Whilst in the SE for the week, Sam travelled to numerous schools conducting drum making, storytelling and West African song and dance sessions. The students and teachers appreciated being immersed in the African cultural experience a requirement of The Australian Curriculum. Sam explained and practised the process of making a bongo drum which can be found in the school library. Students also dressed in costumes, played instruments and danced to African music. They experienced African storytelling and were given wisdom which incorporated values such as kindness, achieving the best education possible and having the courage to say no if you’re not comfortable with something.

Drumming Workshop

On Monday, the 28th of July all Kangaroo Inn students had the pleasure of participating in a drumming workshop with Sam Oshodi. The session consisted of creating a drum, dancing, making music and listening to Sam talk. All of the students were amazed and inspired by Sam’s personality and way of life (not to mention his marvellous snake skin shoes)! Some of the messages that he got across, included that if you stay in school and get an education, your life will be much better and more positive. Sam was adamant that if you are good, good things happen to you and to just be happy in general.

There were multiple drums that they were able to use and make music along with other instruments that he created. The process of making a drum was an interesting learning experience, as was the seven heavens game.

The workshop was a unique experience for all. They thoroughly enjoyed the time they had with Sam and hope he can come back again.

Taken from the Kangaroo Inn Area School Newsletter

Medical Clinic Millicent launches new obstetric care clinic for women


by S Lowe for 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

In light of diminishing services available to pregnant women in the region since the closure of Obstetric Services at the Millicent Hospital mid 2013 by Country Health SA, the Medical Clinic Millicent has picked up the obstetric ball and run with it; launching a new service in the form of a specialised Midwifery Clinic. It will be a Medicare bulk-billed service and will be available on Mondays on a fortnightly basis from the beginning of July this year.
Medical Clinic Senior Partner Dr James Bushell said, “We are excited about strengthening obstetric care in our community and the opportunity to partner with Midwife Anna Wilson in the new clinic will provide a convenient option for women in the region. ”
Dr Bushell will celebrate 18 years at the Millicent Clinic this year and continues to seek ways to improve obstetric care for patients in the region.
“The Shared Care model we are offering provides new obstetric care options for pregnant women with un-complicated pregnancies; receiving their care from an Obstetrician/GP, and a Registered Midwife.”
“It would have been a shame for Anna if she had been unable to continue using her skills. The new Midwifery Clinic provides the opportunity for her to support patients in a service she is clearly passionate about. It will also mean women can be seen more regularly. Sometimes it can be a long wait for an appointment with me.”
“We will begin with fortnightly clinics but if the need is there we will move to weekly.”
Dr Bushell now shares his time between the Medical Clinic, the Millicent Hospital on-call roster and Obstetric Services at the Mt Gambier Hospital since the closure of Obstetric Service’s at the Millicent Hospital doesn’t allow him to deliver in the local hospital. Women still have the option of returning to Millicent Hospital after their delivery for post natal care.
Anna is a Registered Nurse of 7 years and Mid-Wife of 4 years. She joined the Medical Clinic 2011, and worked at the Millicent Hospital from 2011 until recently. Anna no longer works at the Millicent Hospital but is a Community Midwife in Bordertown and is now employed by the Medical Clinic Millicent.
“The new Midwifery Clinic will offer ante-natal and post-natal care, including general pregnancy education, and breastfeeding support according to the World Health Organisation breastfeeding criteria,” she said.
“If the patient needs further attention, I can liaise with Dr Bushel for information and if needed I can make an appointment directly with him. This collaborative arrangement is a more complete and convenient option of care for the women in the region.”
“We will be seeing low-risk women and following them through all aspects of their pregnancy so that they have the continuation of support from their early pregnancy right though to delivery.”
“Most routine pregnancy checks will be carried out in the Midwifery Clinic, providing women with education and support
“The new Clinic will also free up Dr Bushell to see more women with specific needs”
“Dr Bushell is our only Obstetrician at the Medical Clinic at this time, and the new Midwifery Clinic will improve all aspects of women’s care; we will be able to see them more quickly and there will be less travel for women in the surrounding region with this service offered in Millicent now, instead of them having to travel to Mt Gambier.”
“I think some women like to have a woman to speak to during their pregnancy, as well as their doctor, and I am looking forward to this aspect of patient care too,” said Anna.
Anna plans to become an Eligible Midwife and will apply for her Medicare provider number by the end of the year. All Midwives can provide midwifery continuity of care, or to work in private practice. In addition, an Eligible Midwife can order ultrasound scans and some pathology tests that may be required during pregnancy and early parenting, and can refer women and babies directly to medical practitioners. Anna’s additional qualifications will mean increased  services available to patients, at the Midwifery Clinic, in the future.
Midwife Jill Little’s duties at the Medical Clinic will include supporting Anna in the new Midwifery Clinic.
Appointments can be made at Reception at the Medical Clinic Millicent and the service is available to all women needing ante-natal and post natal care and advice.
“This service will certainly help me and we will be offering a more comprehensive obstetric care this way. The only thing we can’t do really – is deliver!” said Dr Bushell



CHSA responds to obstetrics and staffing cuts

by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

Correspondence in relation to the on-going health crisis in Millicent and surrounding districts was discussed at the recent Wattle Range Council meeting Tuesday 8th April; consisting of two letters received from Dr Peter Chapman Acting CEO and Ms Maree Geraghty CEO Country Health SA (CHSA).

Mayor Gandolfi wrote to the Minister for Health Jack Snelling on December 4th 2013 and February 10th 2014, regarding alternative models for obstetric services and staffing issues at the Millicent Hospital respectively

Dr Chapman’s letter dated, March 14th said he was responding on behalf of the Minister because the government was in caretaker period due to the coming election.

Dr Chapman referred to the model of midwifery care being used in rural Queensland, saying the Mayor had pointed out that any return of obstetric service at the Millicent hospital would require the recruitment of additional doctors with obstetric skills by the Medical Clinic Millicent and to date he (Dr Chapman) believed there had been no change in their staffing of doctors with the necessary skills.

Partners of the Medical Clinic Millicent have publicly stated, the loss of hospital services continues to negatively impact  recruiting obstetricians and anaethetists, who want to work where they can use their skills. The loss of the second on-call doctor fee has also negatively impacted recruitment because doctors considering the positon don’t want the responsibility of a whole hospital with no provision for a support doctor in an emergency.

Dr Chapman also said that in view of Paul Angus resignation, the clinic was left with no anaesthetist. Recruitment by the clinic is on-going, a spokesperson told us. ( following report)

In February this year the number of clinic doctors was bolstered by the arrival of Dr Umesh Rawat who began work at the MCM along with three registrars, Drs Tann, Willoughby and McLernan.

“As advised previously, services, facilities and equipment remain available at Millicent and District Hospital and Health Service for birthing if a model can be determined, and safely and sustainably established,” Dr Chapman said.

“Millicent Hospital is owned by CHSA and the responsibility of staffing is that of the owners, the Government, and is not the responsibility of a private medical clinic,” the Mayor reminded council.

With the hospital still equipped for birthing, as Dr Chapman said in his letter, a solution to the problem and a safer option for all of the community could be achieved with the provision of additional support staff to the local doctors, who have publicly said they want to continue this service for their patients.

Dr Chapman went on to say that CHSA Local Health Network senior staff, have had discussions with the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation and the Millicent midwives have had a number of discussions with Ms Ros Brown, Executive Officer and Director of Nursing to explore alternative models.

He said a further meeting was planned for March 31st to provide the ANMF, local midwives and senior CHSALHN staff, the opportunity to work together to again examine potential models of midwifery care.

Dr Chapman said in his letter, and it has been publicly stated many times by CHSA’s Dr Chapman, Jayne Downs and Helen Chalmers, the reason for the closure of obstetric services in Millicent was due to the fact that the privately owned Medical Clinic Millicent was not able to recruit the number of doctors in obstetric s and anaesthetics to manage a safe obstetric service at the Millicent Hospital.

Dr Chapman’s letter did not say if the partners of the Medical Clinic Millicent were included in these discussions about alternative models.

Safety has been at the forefront of all CHSA public statements about the reasons for closure of obstetric services at the Millicent Hospital but they have closed all obstetric services between Murray Bridge and Mt Gambier, a distance of over 340 k’s.

We requested an explanation from a CHSA spokesperson, regarding their reason for these closures and were asked, “ Have there been other obstetric services closed in the region besides Millicent?”

We were also told by a CHSA spokesperson, that we should expect to travel reasonable distances, as we do live rural!

Recent reports on this site have raised many questions about the ‘safety’ of young fathers driving long distances with their wife in labour, mothers and babies unable to return to Millicent Hospital for post natal care, (promised by CHSA), because there is no midwife on duty, and being discharged (from Mt Gambier Hospital) to go home where there is no medical care and with a baby sometimes only a few hours old; often the parents live remote or rural.

At the council meeting, Mayor Gandolfi stressed his frustration with CHSA, saying he believes they have continually provided this community with false and misleading information about health services.

Successfully returned Member for MacKillop Mitch Williams MLC spoke with 5THE FM and WRN this week and expressed his concern for the safety of new parents and babies, saying he sincerely hoped there would be no tragedies, but the current situation is surely a tragedy in the making.

Shadow Health Minister Rob Lucas attended the Public Meeting held in Millicent in July 2013 and said a Liberal Government would return obstetric services to the Millicent Hospital.

He also said in a recent interview with 5THE FM,” if a Labour Government is returned, “ you will be left having to negotiate with Health Minister Jack Snelling and I don’t like your chances. If the Labour Government was ever going to change its mind about regional health services, in particular obstetric services at Millicent Hospital, it would surely have been in the lead up to an election.”

Mr Lucas said he will continue to represent the campaign to save obstetric services in Millicent, and so did Mr Williams when he visited 5THE FM this week.

Editors Comment:-

Following this report will be Mitch William’s interview in full and an interview with Geoff Brock, the man whose vote determined the path of State politics in SA at the March election 2014 when he supported the return of a Labour Government.

Following this report is an update on the response from Maree Geraghty to the Mayor’s request for an explanation, regarding staff cuts at the Millicent hospital.