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Liberal Leader Steven Marshall guest on 5THE FM – with interview audio

by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

Special guests on 5 THE FM’s morning show with Rebekah Lowe today (Wednesday) was Leader of the SA Liberal Party Steven Marshall and Member for MacKillop Mitch Williams. Mr Marshall included 5THE FM in his round-the-state regional tour which included Port MacDonnell and Mt Gambier Tuesday, followed by Millicent and Beachport today.

Mr Marshall spoke with Rebekah about the importance of regional areas and insisted that even though the area is considered a safe seat, it is no reason for the needs and concerns of the communities to be overlooked and he intends to return soon to keep in touch with the south east.

Among topics discussed was the recent state election, the coming state budget, the Federal Government’s recent budget, regional health issues, potential unconventional mining and his reasons for becoming a White Ribbon Ambassador.

His stand on fracking is one of protection, he said, protection of the natural water resources of the South East, which if damaged would affect not only the South East but the whole of the state, because this region is one of huge economic contribution. He will personally attend briefings shortly by the EPA on potential dangers and he will make no decision in favour of this process if there is any chance of damaging the water table, he said.

Mr Marshall answered questions submitted by listeners and accepted that the recent Federal Budget was a tough one but, there had to be a time when someone did something about it, and that’s what the budget is aimed at doing, reducing the debt, he said.

“Small business is the backbone of the state,”  said Mr Marshall and processes must be made simpler to support people working in small business.

Mr Marshall was presented with a portfolio of reports on the local health system and unconventional mining.

Mr Marshall  accepted 5THE FM’s invitation to attend the stations 21st birthday celebration dinner later this year and congratulated the station on the excellent studio and facility as a whole; and the community for supporting community radio.

The audio of the full interview with Liberal Leader Steven Marshall on 5THE FM is available on the link below.

Medical Clinic Millicent launches new obstetric care clinic for women


by S Lowe for 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

In light of diminishing services available to pregnant women in the region since the closure of Obstetric Services at the Millicent Hospital mid 2013 by Country Health SA, the Medical Clinic Millicent has picked up the obstetric ball and run with it; launching a new service in the form of a specialised Midwifery Clinic. It will be a Medicare bulk-billed service and will be available on Mondays on a fortnightly basis from the beginning of July this year.
Medical Clinic Senior Partner Dr James Bushell said, “We are excited about strengthening obstetric care in our community and the opportunity to partner with Midwife Anna Wilson in the new clinic will provide a convenient option for women in the region. ”
Dr Bushell will celebrate 18 years at the Millicent Clinic this year and continues to seek ways to improve obstetric care for patients in the region.
“The Shared Care model we are offering provides new obstetric care options for pregnant women with un-complicated pregnancies; receiving their care from an Obstetrician/GP, and a Registered Midwife.”
“It would have been a shame for Anna if she had been unable to continue using her skills. The new Midwifery Clinic provides the opportunity for her to support patients in a service she is clearly passionate about. It will also mean women can be seen more regularly. Sometimes it can be a long wait for an appointment with me.”
“We will begin with fortnightly clinics but if the need is there we will move to weekly.”
Dr Bushell now shares his time between the Medical Clinic, the Millicent Hospital on-call roster and Obstetric Services at the Mt Gambier Hospital since the closure of Obstetric Service’s at the Millicent Hospital doesn’t allow him to deliver in the local hospital. Women still have the option of returning to Millicent Hospital after their delivery for post natal care.
Anna is a Registered Nurse of 7 years and Mid-Wife of 4 years. She joined the Medical Clinic 2011, and worked at the Millicent Hospital from 2011 until recently. Anna no longer works at the Millicent Hospital but is a Community Midwife in Bordertown and is now employed by the Medical Clinic Millicent.
“The new Midwifery Clinic will offer ante-natal and post-natal care, including general pregnancy education, and breastfeeding support according to the World Health Organisation breastfeeding criteria,” she said.
“If the patient needs further attention, I can liaise with Dr Bushel for information and if needed I can make an appointment directly with him. This collaborative arrangement is a more complete and convenient option of care for the women in the region.”
“We will be seeing low-risk women and following them through all aspects of their pregnancy so that they have the continuation of support from their early pregnancy right though to delivery.”
“Most routine pregnancy checks will be carried out in the Midwifery Clinic, providing women with education and support
“The new Clinic will also free up Dr Bushell to see more women with specific needs”
“Dr Bushell is our only Obstetrician at the Medical Clinic at this time, and the new Midwifery Clinic will improve all aspects of women’s care; we will be able to see them more quickly and there will be less travel for women in the surrounding region with this service offered in Millicent now, instead of them having to travel to Mt Gambier.”
“I think some women like to have a woman to speak to during their pregnancy, as well as their doctor, and I am looking forward to this aspect of patient care too,” said Anna.
Anna plans to become an Eligible Midwife and will apply for her Medicare provider number by the end of the year. All Midwives can provide midwifery continuity of care, or to work in private practice. In addition, an Eligible Midwife can order ultrasound scans and some pathology tests that may be required during pregnancy and early parenting, and can refer women and babies directly to medical practitioners. Anna’s additional qualifications will mean increased  services available to patients, at the Midwifery Clinic, in the future.
Midwife Jill Little’s duties at the Medical Clinic will include supporting Anna in the new Midwifery Clinic.
Appointments can be made at Reception at the Medical Clinic Millicent and the service is available to all women needing ante-natal and post natal care and advice.
“This service will certainly help me and we will be offering a more comprehensive obstetric care this way. The only thing we can’t do really – is deliver!” said Dr Bushell



MSENA Preview

Submitted by Tammy Auld for MSENA
Compiled by Colin Pye for 5THEFMWattleRangeNowsportonline


Preview Round 9
Saturday 14th June 2014

Following the success of the Country Championships weekend last week, this weekend will be an exciting round of netball to complete the first half of the minor round matches.

Tantanoola finish the rotation with the Bye this weekend.

Glencoe v Port MacDonnell
This will be an exciting stoush with Glencoe needing the win to contend the fourth position on the ladder, and Port MacDonnell needing the win to solidify their place in the four.
The battle between the Murphies’ Kelly Aubert and the Bay’s Ash Heald will be exciting to watch with both being smart netballers. The Murphies will need to pick the right option when feeding the goal circle to outsmart Heald. Ebony McDiarmid’s height and accuracy in the goal circle will force the Demon’s Kirby Carrison to work hard to stop any scoring opportunities. The Demon’s Emily Taylor and Michelle Lewis work hard through the centre court, and will need to step it up a notch this weekend to shut down Ashlea Edwards and Laura Edwards. The Murphies tough defensive pressure will cause headaches for the Bay at the other end of the court, but the accuracy of Toni-Lee Gilmore is tough to shut down.
The Bay will take the points in a close one, but this will present the match of the round.

Mount Burr v Kalangadoo
The Mozzies have had a tough couple of weeks facing two of the top sides on the ladder consecutively, and they will have another tough outing on Saturday when they face the undefeated Pies.
The Burr have had a few changes in their line up over recent weeks, however when they settle, they have been impressive. Ann Guyett and Kate Nowak work hard through the centre court for the Burr. This weekend they will come up against Jayde Peacock and Mikaila Pitt who both play a strong defensive game. At the other end of the court the defensive pressure of the Pie’s Leah Ousey and Kylie Shultz will make Mount Burr’s Ebony Clarke and Hayley Agnew work hard for every shot.
The Pies will likely finish the first half of the minor round with the win.

Robe v Hatherleigh
With these teams sitting second and third on the ladder, it should present a tight and close battle. Both teams have been consistent to date, however the Roosters line up has been more stable which may help them out this weekend.
The Eagles defensive pressure across the court is impressive, which will force the Roosters to work hard as they drive the ball into their attack line. Georgina Brooks and Kaitlin Smith combine well in defence, and will fight hard to stop any scoring opportunities for Robe’s Keeley Mason and Felicity Carter. Erin Watson uses her speed and agility well to apply plenty of pressure all over the court and make the most of any loose balls for the Eagle’s. She will be a tough opponent for Robe’s Hayley Smart who will need to make sure of every pass. Hannah Perkin’s applies plenty of defensive pressure on the wing for Robe, but will need to work hard if she comes up against the Eagle’s talented Kelsey Bromley on Saturday. The young Demi Smith will have her work cut out against Robe’s Kimberley Austin, however she moves well and shoots with accuracy.
The Roosters will fight hard however the Eagles will take the points.

Nangwarry v Kongorong
While the Saints started the season with strength, they have struggled to get too many wins on the board. The Hawks have fought hard every week and put in some impressive performances, however they too have struggled to get the points on the board. Both teams will be looking to make the most of this weekend looking to hit the winners list.
The Saints are tough through the centre court; however they will be hard pressed against the speed of the Hawk’s Courtney Pink and Ellie Waters. Ash Sturges has been solid in goals for Kongorong; however Tabatha Sanderson will again be the focal point forcing the Saint’s Kayla Gray and Karly McDiarmid to work hard for the intercept. The Hawk’s Tiia Pelkonen applies plenty of defensive pressure on the wing and will need to work hard against Cassie Dinnison this weekend. The Saints Nicole Reeves and Nicole Biszko are accurate in the goal circle, which may be just enough to get them over the line.
The Saints will be more determined to notch another win and will take the points this weekend.