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New faces at Medical Clinic

Medical Clinic Millicent

When visiting the Millicent Medical Clinic over the next 12 months you may see several new faces.

Clinic Manager Anne Bierwirth said this week that many of the doctors in training choose Millicent so that they can get to know the people in the community and experience what living in rural South Australia is really like. Many of them have only seen city life during their training and coming to the country is a new experience for them.

Over the next 6 months the Clinic will host 2 new registrars – Dr Marie Ma and Dr Frances Wong, and Medical Student Jo Eng from PRCC Flinders Program.

Dr Wong came to Australia from Kuala Lumpar, lives in Adelaide but is currently living and working in Millicent. She completed BMBS ( Flinders Uni) in 2006, and completed internship in Flinders Hospital in 2007. She holds a Bachelor of Medical Science (Sydney Uni), and was working at the Royal Adelaide hospital before coming into GP training. Her special interest in general medicine (chronic disease e.g. diabetes mellitus, COAD) and palliative care. She said today that her experience in Millicent, both in practice and in the community has been fantastic. She spoke highly of her supervisors and co-workers. Dr Wong will be in Millicent for a minimum of 6 months and her aim is to gain experience in rural general practice.

Ms Bierwirth said that new administration staff are taking part in intensive training so that their administration skills and customer service skills are at a level needed to care for people across the board, treating them with respect and calm. A general practice clinic experiences a vast range of situations in any given day and this training will ensure that they are equipped for this variety.

She also said that many of the registrars and students ask to return to the Millicent Medical Clinic, when having to take further practical training, because they find the community in Millicent is welcoming and usually don’t mind discussing their health matters with the students, accepting that the new doctors need to learn.

The Clinic also host interns throughout each year, most staying approximately 10 – 11 weeks at a time.

The Clinic will be running Women’s Health Clinics in the evenings soon, so that working women or mothers needing to have children looked after will be able to attend. A new Podiatry service is also available.

Doctor Stephan Van Eeden recently addressed the Millicent Lions Club in his role as doctor and White Ribbon Ambassador. He explained what White Ribbon means and the aims of the Campaign – to eliminate violence against women. In answer to questions from the floor he also explained that violence against women knows no boundaries and is a problem in all areas of the community, even our own. Several of the Lions members are also White Ribbon Ambassadors and are actively involved in the local campaign, coordinated by local radio station 5 THE FM. Dr Van Eeden has taken part in the past 2 White Ribbon Day events and has been a guest speaker at both.

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