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Tantanoola to be no match for Hatherleigh


by Tammy Auld

This weekend the MSENA finishes off the first half of the minor round for season 2013.

All teams will be looking forward to the week off following which will give them a chance to review the first half and regroup. The field has separated a little with the top four spots on the ladder reasonably comfortable for those at the top. Irrespective of the results this weekend, the positions in the top four are safe. Kalangadoo remain undefeated and Hatherleigh have only had the one loss to the Pies. While Robe and Glencoe have only suffered losses to the other top four sides.

After a tough battle with Hatherleigh last weekend, the Murphies have a couple of weeks rest with the Bye this weekend followed by the long weekend.

Hatherleigh v Tantanoola

The Eagles have had close to a perfect season so far, which will make it a tough day out for the Tigers this Saturday. The Tantanoola girls have not had the first half they would have wished for, but will certainly fight hard to maximise their impact.

The Tigers defence is strong with Simone Little, Kate Bromley and Ash Ditchum all combining well as required. They all have the ability to read the play well and pick off any sloppy passing. They will have to step it up another notch this weekend though, as the Eagle’s Keston Green feeds the ball with strength into Tara Fabris, who shoots with accuracy. At the other end of the court, the defensive pressure applied by Georgina Brooks and Kaitlyn Smith will be tough for the Tigers’ goalies Jami Walker and Karly Teasdale who will need to work the ball around to make sure they hit the target.

This is likely to be the match of the round, however it is unlikely to be a close one with the Eagles taking the points.

Nangwarry v Kalangadoo

The Saints have been fighting well this year and have navigated their way closer to the middle of the ladder than previous seasons, but they will be up against it this weekend as they battle a dominant Kalangadoo side.

While Kalangadoo have suffered a loss with Kirsty Egan injuring her calf, their side has not been weakened, with some talented juniors stepping in to help out. Mikaila Pitt has hit the court in the last few weeks and has been an important contributor. Kylie Allen has been shooting nicely for the Pies, and she combines well with any selection of her teammates. The Saints have a reasonable amount of height in their defence with Ebony McDiarmid rebounding well, which will make the Pies work for every shot. Ebony Cunningham has been solid in goals and unstoppable on the wing, and she will make it tough for her opponent on the weekend.

The Saints will work hard but the Pies will be too strong and will take the points.

Port MacDonnell v Mt Burr

This is the match that could see an upset this round, if Mt Burr are not on the ball. They will need to make sure they play four solid quarters to ensure they stay on top of a determined Port MacDonnell team this weekend.

The Demons centre court drive from Tegan Merrett will be well matched by the Burr’s Hayley Agnew. Both players are quick and talented which will drive the game from the centre court. Accurate shooting by the Mozzies Kate Sporer will be required to beat the defence of Ash Heald, who will pick off any loose passes and rebound with strength. Brianna Reilly has been strong in defence for the Burr, and will match up well against the Bay’s Candice Merrett this weekend.

While both teams will fight hard, Mount Burr will be too strong and will deny the Demons a second win.

Kongorong v Robe

The Hawks will see this weekend as one last chance to notch a win for the first half of the season and will hit the court firing. However, the Roosters have had a close to perfect run with their only losses being to Hatherleigh and Kalangadoo, so they will not let this one slip.

Sam Loughhead is tough under the goal ring and will create plenty of headaches for Leanne Cameron, however Cameron will make the most of her height and prevent the Hawks from lining up for goal. Combined with the height of Kimberley Austin, the Hawks will struggle to convert. At the other end of the court, the fight between Hayley Smart and Phoebe Douglas will be tough on the wing, and the Hawks would be wise to play young Megan Hein against a fit and agile Chloe Dawson in their defensive goal circle. Keeley Mason holds and shoots with skill under the goal ring for Robe and will be a tough match for Callie Lewis or Holly Smith.

Unfortunately for the Hawks, this weekend will see them remain without a win for the first half of the minors with the Roosters taking the points.

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