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Tantanoola Gala Day is on again – at MacLaughlin Park

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Tantanoola  Gala Day will be held at McLaughlan Park, Sunday 2nd June 2013

by S Lowe 5THE FM & WRN

Tantanoola Gala Day is on again after what seemed as if it may be the end of the long standing tradition.  Tantanoola Primary School advised WattleRange Now that the Gala Day will now go ahead and will  be held on Sunday 2nd June at McLaughlin Park  in Millicent.

This announcement comes just weeks after the Tantanoola Primary School made the difficult decision, that through lack of labour, they would have to cancel the 40 year old tradition.

Community support for this event, has seen a turn around with the Gala Day going ahead, just at a different venue. The Tantanoola School, disappointed that it would not go ahead,  approached McLaughlin Park Sports Inc. and with their support the 40 year tradition will continue.

Craig Tunkin said today that the school had been restricted, without enough people  to run the day and that McLaughlin Park Sport Inc., thought  that it would be  a good opportunity  for the students to make a connection with the members and create a pathway into sport as they get older.

The days event will include competition in the following:

  • School football team
  • School netball seniors
  • School netball juniors

The Gala Day will start at 9-00 am and finish at 3-30 pm.

Entry on the day is by a gold coin donation

The Gala Day will be fully catered for and everyone is  encouraged to attend this great fun day.

 For further information please contact Craig Tunkin on 0409 929 657

Millicent and Districts womens 8-ball

By Lu McInnes

Millicent and Districts ladies 8-ball were in action Thursday night (23rd May)

Thursday night saw the Sommery Suns have a win over the Grand Pooh Baas 12/3.

The Club 1 being victors over the Candy Stripers 13/2 with the Sporty’s having the Bye.

The Ladder has Club 1 on top 8pts and a percentage of 73.33%

Suns 8pts 65.55%

Sporty’s 4pts 49.33%

Pooh Baas 4pts 33.33%

Candy Stripers -2 17.77%

This week Pooh Baas host the Candy Stripers and Club 1 are at home to the Sporty’s, the Sommery Suns have the week off.