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Millicent & District Ladies 8-Ball

Thursday 3rd October 2013

8 ball

Submitted by Lu McInnes
Compiled by Colin Pye for 5 THE FM WattleRangeNow sportonline

The Mount Gambier Grand Final will be held tomorrow night (Tuesday 1st October).

On Thursday evening (3rd October) the Millicent & District Ladies 8-ball Premiers will play the Mount Gambier Premiers for the Perpetual Trophy. The Mount Gambier League has held the trophy for the last four years and the Millicent ladies are hoping that a hometown advantage will help them rest the trophy away from them.

This will be played at the Sportsman’s Hotel starting at 7.00 pm.

Umpires will be required so please come and help and at the same time enjoy some really great 8-ball.

Audience participation will help lift our ladies over the line. So please, be there to lend your support.

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Millicent Bowling Club 2-4-2

2-4-2 competition – Thursday 26th September 2013

Millicent Bowling Club logo

Submitted by Phillip Ryan
Compiled by Colin Pye for 5THEFM WattleRangeNow sportonline

Millicent bowling club held the Kimberly Clark 2-4-2 Bowling competition on Thursday 26th September with 45 players attending.

With a tight tussle winners: (in a tied game) was the triple team of Rob Chambers, Alan Thompson and Rod Harkness (21+0) against pairs team of Jim Earl and Brian Atkinson (19+0), Chris Earl and Terry Barnes (30+9) Bill Fennel and Carl Schapel (31+1), Glenn Schapel and Ray Doecke (31+4,) Ed Fitter and Neil Whelan (31+4), Ron Trewin and Dirk Pietersma (32+5), John Eldridge and Phillip Ryan (32+8), Peter Hyland and Jeff Hollingsworth (32+8).

Runners up for the day team of Brentley Thomas and Peter Varcoe (33+8) and winners were Max Richards and Rod Gibbs with a great score of (34+11).

Today was the first of our twice monthly meat tray raffles supplied by Millicent Meats. And the lucky winner (after some minor protests) was lucky Alan Thompson.

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Operation Safe Passage begins in rural areas tonight


by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline WattleRangeNow

SAPOL will be running Operation Safe Passage in rural areas during the school holiday period targeting the  ‘Fatal Five’ – seatbelt non-compliance, inattention, speeding, drink and drug driving and dangerous road users.”

Senior Sergeant 1st Class Peter Brown of the Millicent Police Station spoke with 5 THE FM today and said, “With school holidays commencing on Friday 27/9/13 drivers planning to travel are urged to take extra care on country roads.  There are five main factors which contribute to trauma on our roads. Drink driving continues to play a significant role and the number of drug drivers detected within the Limestone Coast area is a concern.  Speeding continues to be a contributing factor.  It is not only the seriously excessive speeds which are an issue but drivers who deliberately “creep” over the speed limit by up to 10 km/h are placing themselves and other road users at risk.

About one-third of people killed on country roads are not wearing a seat belt.  Although the majority of drivers do wear a seat belt that figure shows that the minority who choose not to are significantly increasing their chances of being killed or injured.
Distraction and fatigue are also significant concerns.  Mobile phone use while driving is still prevalent and drivers must show more responsibility with the use of their phones.  Anyone planning to travel away for the school holidays must manage their fatigue.  It is recommended that you rest at least every 2 hours but you may feel fatigued before then.  It is vital that you recognise the signs of fatigue and rest before your ability to drive safely suffers.”

Road safety Minister Michael O’Brien said it was concerning that a number of road users are flouting the law and not wearing seatbelts, putting them selves and others at much higher risk of death and injury.

Officer in charge of Major Crash Investigation Section Detective Peter Duance said not wearing a seat belt continues to be a factor in fatal collisions, particularly in country areas where vehicles are travelling at higher speeds.

“Several motorists would be alive today if they had been wearing their seatbelt and the extent of injuries for other motorists would have been minimised,” he said.

Fatigue us also a factor and the police are urging motorists to stop and rest if they are fatigued and asking passengers to keep an eye on the driver too. Drivers do not always recognise the signs of fatigue in themselves.

“Research shows that wearing a seatbelt doubles your chance of surviving a serious crash, yet 1037 people were caught not wearing a seatbelt across Australia during July and August during Operation Distraction,” said Mr O’Brien.

“Fatigue is a factor in 30% of fatal crashes and 15% of serious injury crashes,” he said.

“If you experience sore eyes, daydreaming, yawning, delayed reactions or an inability to recall the past few kilometres, stop driving immediately.”