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The class of ’73 reunion updated

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1265217_446743848777559_674623113_o (2),The Class of ’73 took a stroll down memory lane with a visit to the Millicent High School the morning after!

from back left….. Brenton Walker Jo Goffredo Geoff Bridges Tony Tenney Allan Irvine Fay Edgecombe Andrew Skornsek Dean Bedson Berenice Flatman Joanne Malingre  Phillip Rae….middle left, Joanne Andre Lucy Mucci Jane Williams Robin Lubke , sitting…..Fiona Campbell Lisa Haskett Bev Butler Rhonda Aylett Angela walker Jutta Reiman Tricia Carpino Corrina Reiman….. sitting on ground, Joanne Contin Annette McCourt Lisa Puglierin & Helena Vanderheyden

by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline WattleRangeNow

‘The Pit’ was the scene of high energy on Saturday night when over 100 former students of the Millicent High School class of ’73,  gathered to celebrate 40 years since they first walked in the gates of the school to begin their senior school days.  Former students travelled from Cairns, Perth, Victoria and around South Australia to attend.  The reunion was the brain-child of Lisa McCourt who enlisted the help of former school friends and still close friends 40 years later,  Angela Osborne and Lisa Braes. The three school friends spent many hours over the past months searching for old class mates;  social media was the winner in tracking down  people who had moved away, they said.

As guests crowded into their old stomping ground – hugs, hand shakes, shrieks and laughter filled the room as a mixture of reactions took place.  Some old friends were instantly recognised but others were  met with – ‘who are you?’

“Yeah, been married twice didn’t work out, just haven’t found the right one yet!

“Gee you haven’t changed much except your hair’s a bit thinner on top!”

“She was the IN girl.”

“He had an afro at school,”

“He was always good looking mmmmmmmmm”

“No one remembers me.” – wailing voice.

“He was my first boyfriend mmmm.”

The venue was decorated in brown and gold, the old school colours, ready for a night of fun, memories and renewed friendships and not to celebrate Hawthorns big win – Angela said.

The organisers welcomed everyone;  a featiure of the night was the roll call and they were all asked to answer as they would have at school.  eg ‘she’s here sir but on the oval smoking.’

Angela paid tribute to those no longer here. Graham Bowman, Peter Bridges, Kym Clark, Pierro Gardin, Sandra Hales, Annette Irvine, Claire McRostie, Robert Mullan, Stephan Northcott,  Jack Reilly, Steven Smith, David Spehr, Coralyn Voight.

Music from 1973 – 77 was provided by local radio station 5 THE FM’s, Rebekah Lowe,  featuring the Bee Gees, ABBA, AC/DC, Pussycat,  Rolling Stones, Wings, Fleetwood Mac, Sherbet and Queen set the pace for high energy dancing and some reminiscing – ‘Mark Holden kissed her to this song,’  ‘I went to the Bay City Rollers Concert,’  ‘Gee I even remember what car I was in that night!!’

Valuable lessons were learned by the class of ’73:-  ‘You don’t learn much at school if you’re in the corridor most lessons as part of your punishment; it’s advisable to wear undergarments for PE if wearing baggy shorts; the teacher will find you if you are on the oval smoking instead of being in class;  if you lock the teacher out of the classroom he can see you through the windows;  simple maths can support the theory that 40 years ago there may have been underage consumption; if you have prior answers to the French test it’s a good idea to make sure the teacher doesn’t find out and change the questions because you may get an E and a teacher/angry parent interview too; if the teacher keeps making you pull your uniform down to the required respectable length of the day- cutting it off will prevent this;  and door handles carry germs!

The boys learned that mixing plastic and chemicals will clog up the drains and take 4 days to clear;  glue will securely stick the doors shut on the old wooden lockers and another useful lesson learned – ‘if you escape school camp and get caught in headlights of an on-coming car – just pretend you are trees.’

Angela’s quote of the night – ‘Who said we wouldn’t get any better – look at us now!.

Song requests were popular –  ‘We are the Champions’ by Queen, ‘It’s only Rock and Roll but I like it,’ Bay City Rollers, ‘Smile’ by Pussycat, AC/DC, Rolling Stones and Skyhooks among the favorites.

A wall of memorabilia and a power point presentation was on show all night featuring photos and stories from the era and a photo booth by Steve Chapple added to the entertainment.

Pearl Bellenger and friends presented  Lisa McCourt, Angela Osborne and Lisa Braes with thankyou gifts in appreciation for organising the event.

On Sunday the Class of ’73 took a walk trip down memory lane with a visit to the Millicent High School and met for lunch to complete what was described by all attending as a great event.

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  1. Fantastic story girls. It was a great night!