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Landmark 2:4:2 Thursday 10 Oct 2013

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 by Colin Pye 5 THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

With the sunny weather out and wind taking a holiday, the bowling club attracted 54 bowlers to Thursday’s LandMark 2-4-2 competition. All three greens were in use.

President Derk welcomed visiting Kalangadoo bowlers to the 2-4-2 competition. As well as attending the day’s competition Kalangadoo members will be playing their home Pennant games for season 2013/2014 at the Millicent bowling club while they renovate their greens.

 President Pietersma was on top of almost everything on Thursday, even a phone call from a member of the public stating that the State Flag was flown upside down earned a quick reaction from Derk who rushed to fix the situation. As readers would know, a flag flown upside down is a sign of distress so it was important the flags were fixed before play commenced. President Pietersma declared it could not have been him making this blooper, but judging from the laughter he may or may not have been believed. As Derk is such a great worker for the club  he was forgiven anyway.

There was one triple team consisting of A Thompson, J Eldridge and C Stevens and they won their game with a score of 31+7. Other rink winners were B Fennell and P Scanlon 30+3, M Wright and H Henderson 31+1, B Baxter and B Burdon 31+2. M Vanderhorst and P Dowdell 31+4, D Bowering and R Gibss 31+10,R Harkness and I Ross 31+10, A Correll and Phill Ryan 31+1, R Doecke and G Rowe 32+5, A Strother and J Buhlman 32+8, A Damhuis and G Tilley 32+12. Runners up on the day on rink 11 was M. McRobert and J.Scudds with score of 33+7. The winner of Thursday’s LandMark 2-4-2  with a score of 33+15 was the team of Denis Clifford and Lindsay Warneke.

Cliff Elton may not have won his rink on the day but went home with a big smile after winning the Millicent Quality meat raffle.

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