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Celebrate Bird Week 2013

by Rosey Pounsett 5THE FM newsonline watlerangenow

Celebrate Bird Week 19th to 25th October – Vote for your favourite Australian bird

Bird week is designed to raise awareness of Australia’s birds and their habitat;  to ensure the survival of our birds, we need to ensure the survival of their habitat. This includes maintaining a variety of native plants within urban areas, as well as keeping parcels of native forests, conservation parks, wetlands and other natural areas throughout country regions.

Becoming aware of the native birds that live with us in our streets and gardens, will  help us more readily recognize when any particular species becomes less common and help us gain an understanding of the relationship between birds and habitats.

For example, if you used to have a lovely big eucalyptus that flowered in your area you may have had rainbow Lorikeets visit regularly to feed on the flowers. If the tree is removed, or dies, then the lorikeets no longer visit as they have no food source. If there is no other food source in the vicinity, the Lorikeets will need to search other areas to locate new food sources.

Bird week is also designed to encourage us to plant a few native bushes in our home gardens to give the birds a variety of plants to use for nesting and feeding.

Birdlife Australia (www.birdlife.org.au) is conducting a survey to find Australia’s favourite bird. There is a shortlist of 52 species, all of which are common (depending on region) and easily recognized birds.

Some of the birds that are common to our area include the Little Wattlebird, Blue Wren, Black Swan and the Kookaburra.

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