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The Wattle Range cake bake off

by S Lowe 5 THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

Photos by Tom Cavanagh 

The Wattle Range Cake Bake Off was held on Monday 21st at the Civic Centre Millicent, as part of Seniors Month and was well attended. The Bake Off attracted many entries from local cooks and judging was close.

Organizer Catarina Santos  Wattle Range Council said, “I wasn’t sure how popular it would when I decided to hold the Cake Bake Off but with so many cooking programs on TV and such a big following, I thought it might be a good idea.”

“I was really pleased there were so many entries and it was such a success,” she said.

Wattle Range Mayor and Judge Peter Gandolfi said, ” It was a wonderful job, it wasn’t hard to taste all of the entries at all, it was a great job but it was difficult to pick a winner from the entries. They were all very good. “

“However we did receive excellent guidance from fellow  Judge Aileen Gamble and eventually chose the winners.”


1st. Joan Heath   2nd. Greg and Denise Robinson

 Sausage rolls-

1st. Joan Sporer  2nd. Greg and Denise Robinson

 Chocolate cake-

1st. Bill Alison  2nd. Ern Bentley


1st. Greg and Denise Robinson 2nd. Pansy Opperman


1st. Greg and Denise Robinson 2nd. Nan Jared 

Prize winner were presented with a certificate.

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