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Men’s pennant ….week 3

Division 1 v Mt Gambier Blue

Rod Gibbs ( skip ), Iain Campbell, Ian Ross and David Crase were away to a big lead. They almost let the opposition into the game, but steadied and went on to win 33 shots to 22.

The team of John Scudds ( skip ), Steve Carnellor, Neil Whelan and Denis Clifford were out to a large lead, then lost 15 shots. By winning the last 2 ends, they ran out winners 28 shots to 23.

Terry Barnes ( skip ), Jeff Hollingsworth, Bill Davis and John Buhlmann had a steady start and in a close game got over the line to win 24 shots to 22.

Overall results:

Millicent 85 shots ( 16 points )

Mt Gambier Blue 67 shots ( 0 points ).

Division 2

Millicent v Kalangadoo

Marino Gandolfi ( skip ), Glen Schapel, John Madden and Dennis Schultz had an even start. They were able to pull away as the game progressed to win 29 shots to 19.

Derk Pietersma (skip ), Lindsay Warneke, John Chalmers and Rob Chambers were slow to start. They finished strongly but fell short by 2 shots, 21 to 23.

The team of Herb Henderson ( skip ), Keith Bennett, Bill Burdon and Peter Varcoe started slowly then scored two 6s, a 5 and two 4s to win 24 shots to 23.

Overall results:

Millicent 74 shots ( 14 points )

Kalangadoo 65 shots ( 2 points)

Division 3 Red v Frances

Rod Horne ( skip ), Wayne Burris, Alby Cecotti and Brentley Thomas started steadily but by end 18 they had lost touch. They made a comeback but ended the game 7 shots down, 24 shots to 31.

Andy Kramer ( skip ), Malclom Wright, Ray Thiele and John Eldridge were off to a great start and finished strongly to win 30 shots to 20.

The team of David Botting ( skip ), Phyl Ryan, Norman Peart and Alan Correll had a good start , but losing a 6 and a 5 proved too much in the end, going down 22 shots to 27.

Overall results:

Millicent 76 shots ( 2 points )

Frances 78 shots ( 14 points )

Division 3 Blue v Naracoorte R.S.L.

The team of Doug Chilton ( skip ), Barry Stoddart, Glenn Brown and Manny Vanderhorst played consistently all day. The only time the opposition took the lead was end 24. Luckily Millicent had a 3 up their sleeves and went on to win 24 to 22.

Derek Bowering ( skip ), David Taylor, Cliff Elton and Paul Ryan found the going a bit tough in the first half of the game. After the lunch break they won 7 ends, but it was not enough to overtake the opposition. They went down by 7 shots.

Rod Harkness ( skip ), Bob Baxter, Ray Doecke and Alan Strother were even at end 14. At end 18 the opposition took control of the game and defeated Millicent by 11 shots.

Overall results:

Millicent 58 shots ( 2 points )

Naracoorte R.S.L. 74 shots ( 14 points)

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