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Millicent Bowls

Men’s Pennant results………….week 5 ( Divisions 1. 2. 3Red. 3Blue. 4. 5. )

Division 1 hosted Naracoorte RSL.

John Scudds ( skip ), Steve Carnellor, Neil Whelan and Denis Clifford started strongly, and with all the team playing well , cruised to the line, winning 37 shots to 22.

The team of Terry Barnes ( skip ), Peter Scanlon, Bill Davis and John Buhlmann began well, but were overtaken. They fought on, but went down by 1 shot, 26 shots to 27.

Rod Gibbs ( skip ), Iain Campbell, Ian Ross and David Crase played steadily all day to win 23 shots to 20.

Overall results

Millicent 86 shots ( 14 points )

Naracoorte RSL 69 shots ( 2 )

Division 2 v. Mt Gambier, played away.

Herb Henderson ( skip ), Keith Bennett, Bill Burdon and Peter Varcoe had the best of the start, but were overrun on the last end, to go down by 1 shot, 20 shots to21.

Marino Gandolfi ( skip ), Glenn Schapel, John Madden and Dennis Schultz had an even game but lost touch over the last few ends to go down 24 shots to 28.

Derk Pietersma ( skip ), Jeff Hollingsworth, Lindsay Warneke and John Chalmers played well. With the scores level on the last end, they scored 1 to win 24 shots to 23.

Overall results

Millicent 68 shots ( 2 points )

Mt Gambier 72 shots ( 14 points )

Division 3 Red v. Naracoorte played at Millicent.

David Botting ( skip ), Ray Thiele, Allan Correll and Rob Chambers had a very close match and went down by the narrowest of margins 28 shots to 29.

The team of Glen Tilley ( skip ), Malcolm Wright, Manny Vanderhorst and John Eldridge trailed all day. But scoring a 5 on the last end was not enough to bridge the gap, going down 23 shots to 27.

Rod Horne ( skip ), Wayne Burris, Alby Cecotti and Terry Lonergan played well all day to win 32 shots to 18.

Overall results

Millicent 83 shots ( 12 points )

Naracoorte 74 shots ( 4 points )

Division 3 Blue v. Frances away.

Derek Bowering ( skip ), Paul Ryan, Cliff Elton and Brentley Thomas found the going hard and fought the game out to the end, going down 17 shots to 28.

The Team of Doug Chilton ( skip ), Glenn Brown, Brian Goode and Barry Stoddart played strongly and won comfortably, 25 shots to 13.

Rod Harkness ( skip ), Bob Baxter, Ray Doecke and Max Blacketer had a great battle, only losing touch over the last 4 ends, going down 23 shots to 30.

Overall results

Millicent 65 shots ( 2 points )

Frances 71 shots ( 14 points )

Division 4 hosted Beachport.

Arnold Damhuis ( skip ), Peter Bateman, Jim Godden and Dick Vanderhuel had a great battle all day. They scored 1 on the last end to draw the match 23 shots all.

Bill Schuller’s team of Clive Stevens, Mario Rodaro and Jim Earl scored freely early and had enough shots to hold a fast finishing opposition, to win 26 shots to 25.

Bruce Pettman ( skip ), Alan Strother, Max Richards and Chris Earl had an even start, but were outplayed in the second half to go down 23 shots to 33.

Overall results

Millicent 72 shots ( 3 points )

Beachport 81 shots ( 13 points )

Division 5 hosted Mt Gambier.

John Drew ( skip ), Ed Fitter, Ron Trewin and Brian Johnson had a slow start, then levelled the score all the way to the finish. The game ended in a draw 21 shots all.

The team of Ken Taylor ( skip ), Phil Ryan, Jim Campbell and Bill Fennell had a close match and came from behind to win on the last 2 ends 26 shots to 20.

Overall results

Millicent 47 shots ( 13 points )

Mt Gambier 41 shots ( 1 point )

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