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If you witness violence – White Ribbon

If you witness violence

In the lead up to White Ribbon Day on Monday 25th, eliminating violence against women, White Ribbon have released this timely reminder how we can all help in a difficult situation. Many people say they are not sure what to do.

The following suggestions have been release by White Ribbon:-

Don’t endanger your own safety. Call 000 in an emergency.

 If you witness a violent act, you can:

  • Call the police.
  • Be a witness. Stand far enough away to be safe but close enough for the violent person to see you and be aware that they are being watched.
  • Get others’ support. Ask others who are nearby to help.
  • Verbally intervene. Tell the violent person clearly that their actions are not okay, they are a crime, and you are calling the police. Ask the victim if they need help.
    • “Are you okay, do you need a taxi?”
    • Say something to the man: “Hey, what are you doing?” “That’s not on, mate.”
    • Stick around to make sure the situation has cooled down.
    • Create a distraction – so that the abused person has time to get away or the perpetrator slows down or ceases their violence. For example, ask a man harassing a woman on the street for directions or the time.

    Source: White Ribbon

5 THE FM will again host the annual Wattle Range White Ribbon event with a light lunch in the gardens of the station, guest speaker  and walk through George Street on Monday 25th November at 12-30 pm. Please call 0400 290 664 for further information.

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