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Considerable local police work involves domestic violence

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by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

White Ribbon guest speaker Senior Sergent 1st Class Peter Brown described the percentage of violence against women that involves the local police in their daily work –  as ‘considerable. ‘ He stressed the first thing to do if you witness violence against a woman (or anyone) is call the police.

White Ribbon Day 2013 held on November 25th was marked again by 5 THE FM with a light lunch on the lawns at the radio station, followed by the annual walk through the street. White Ribbon Ambassadors carried the giant white ribbon signed by local ambassadors. This is the 5th year 5 THE FM has hosted the White Ribbon event since becoming co-ordinators of the Wattle Range White ribbon Campaign.

White Ribbon Ambassadors John Drew and Ralph Domaschenz addressed the gathering with John Drew reading the poem, If I was a Woman written by Commissioner for Victim’s Rights Mr Michael O’Connell,  and Ralph Domaschenz shared some insight where he has assisted with in domestic violence situations. Mr Domaschenz compared domestic violence, when mates gets together to intimidate a woman, as gang mentality and described it as disgraceful.

Senior Sergeant Brown said that the resources and training of police officers attending these situations has changed markedly  over the past 25 years. The police receive special training to handle domestic violence situations and there is more help available through the court system. He was quick to say that, the system isn’t perfect but it is certainly a big improvement and it is better than nothing.

He described violence against women as, mental, emotional, financial and physical and there is no place in our community for such behaviour.

He also supported 5 THE FM’s approach which is one of  ‘changing a thinking (culture) over a generation.’ He commended the station’s aim to have a minimum of  100 White Ribbon Ambassadors through out this community and said that could undoubtedly change a community for the better. He also said during an informal question and discussion time that there is a place for such a campaign as the White Ribbon one and he hopes to see it grow and believed that it can only be a positive things.

5 THE FM currently has signed 60 White ribbon Ambassadors from all walks of life through out the Wattle Range Community with 3 men taking the oath just days before White Ribbon Day.

Stats from White Ribbon: – One in three women will experience violence by a man in their lifetime, 1 woman dies per week at the hands of her male partner or ex-partner, violence against women is the major cause of health issues in women.

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