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Class of 2013 celebrate with a red carpet affair


Class of 2013 Millicent High School

Wyatt Zeschke, Jonathon Andrae, Andrew Nieves, Cody Milnes, David Tincknell, Michael Kellie, Joshua Thomas, Justin Saint, Matt Carleton, Matt Keatley, Dion Gillin, Jordan Cory, Ashleigh Kenny, Gemma Andrae, Kate Farana, Kate Patten, Hayley Watts, Heidi Clark, Melinda Squire, Todd Lang, Carly Shephard, Siobhan Joiner, Bianca Buwalda, Telita David, Lara Gray, Angie Morgan, Georgia Pulleine-Laucirica, Kathleen Woods, Megan Lock, Kcie Reilly, Emily Barker, Caitlyn Palmer, Belinda Elton, Shannon Murphy, Finlay Hobbs, Melanie Cecotti

by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

The Class of 2013 celebrated their Graduation in style  with a dinner and dancing at the Civic and Arts Centre on Saturday 30th November. As each of the 37 students walked the red carpet they were introduced to family and friends, with a brief summary of their achievements and hopes for the future.

Goals and dreams of the class of 2013 included a military career, child care, sporting careers, photography, university, and research. When these goals are reached,  the class of 2013 will be making their mark on the future in a wide variety careers and will be representing Millicent as the place where it all began.

Students were presented with a Certificate and the girls a flower and the boys a button hole. The girls were beautifully dressed for the occassion in a rainbow of color,  and the boys were smartly dressed in suits and ties.

Principal John Shelton addressed the gathering saying that the school, parents and the community had good reason to be proud of the class of 2013, and wished them all well in their chosen careers.

‘Lucky school prepared you’ was the theme of an address by Lori Sandiland who addressed the students who may think that the end of the school year marks the end of being told what to do, where to go, and when to do it but reminded them that what ever course they decided to take in life, it will included all of these and ‘lucky school prepared you.’

The photo booth was a hit and students, teachers and parents danced well into the night to celebrate the end of an era and the beginning of another.

Photos: S Lowe, B Elton

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