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Foster’s Foodland 2-4-2

compiled by Colin Pye for 5THEFM WattleRangeNow sportonline

On Thursday 5th December the Millicent Bowling Club played the Foster’s Foodland 2-4-2 in very windy conditions. Play was held on the Somerset Green with one rink on the Hahn Green.

Bowling became little difficult one end playing against the wind, and the other with the wind.

The winning teams for the day were Brian Goode & Jeff Hollingsworth 31+4, Rob Chambers& Bill Davis 31+10, Wayne Burris & Lindsay Warneke 32+6, triple Ron Trewin &Ian Ross &Bill Burdon 32+8, Brentley Thomas & John Scudds 33+2.

Runners up were Malcolm McRobert & John Buhlmann 34+10 while Derk Pietersma & Jim Campbell, with 34+18, were the winners.

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