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Local Ornithologist Adrian Boyle to speak in Millicent

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The Millicent Field Naturalist Society is excited to announce that local ornithologist Adrian Boyle will be addressing their Christmas meeting on Friday 13th December  at 7.30pm.The meeting will be held in the South East Family History Group rooms at 1A Mount Gambier Road Millicent.

The Kimberley's

Adrian Boyle in The Kimberley’s

Adrian leads a fascinating life, travelling all over the world studying birds, and his talk will be interesting and informative no matter which area of his vast experience he chooses to share. Everyone is invited to attend this meeting, listen to Adrian’s talk and meet with him afterwards over supper.


Adrian, born in Millicent in 1977, has had a passion for all living things since he was a young boy. He became involved with a group called Birdcare and looked after an enormous variety of birds over many years.

“We always had the unusual in our freezer –day old chicks and mice for Tawny Frogmouths and raptors. It was nothing to have the odd cocoon hatching in his bedroom or a bat taking refuge over the daylight hours before being released,”  said his mother Sheila Boyle.

Adrian spent a great deal of time at Lake McIntyre in the 1990’s bird watching and photographing all aspects of the lake. In his late teens he became a committee member of the Lake McIntyre Management Board.

It was through Adrian’s sighting of a banded wader on one of our local beaches that caused the Victorian Wader Study Group to visit our area with the world renowned shorebird expert Dr Clive Minton. Clive invited Adrian then 15 years of age to join his team in Broome for their annual wader expedition. His love affair with Broome had begun.

After several more expeditions to Broome, Adrian was offered a job at the Broome Bird Observatory. So at the age of 21 he left our cooler climes for North West Australia. Broome is renowned for its lush beaches and mudflats that draw large numbers of shorebirds to the area – and it is from there that many of the shorebirds take the long haul flights to the tundra of Siberia stopping off on the way to refuel in such places as Bohia Bay in China, and areas around South Korea etc. Since 2005 Adrian has spent each year during April/May in either China or South Korea working with the Global Flyway network monitoring the shorebirds as they arrive at their feeding grounds.

Apart from his shorebird work Adrian works on different environmental cruise ships as an expedition team member giving lectures on wildlife in the various areas visited. Some of the many areas Adrian guides in include Alaska, the Aleutian Islands, north east Russia, Kuril Islands and Japan, Borneo, Sulawesi, Cambodia, Vietnam and Antarctica. This summer Adrian will be working in and around New Zealand and the Sub Antarctic Islands.

Also a keen photographer his photos have been printed in numerous publications and he also contributes to a photographic website wildlifeimages.com.au

Adrian is known as a shorebird expert and spends most of his time when not on expedition vessels researching shorebirds in various parts of the world.

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