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Local community groups gift to community

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KCA Social Club  Bill Tilley, Practice Manager Anne Bierwirth, Support Group Member John Clarke, KCA Social Club President Don Renehan, Support Group Secretary Colin Pye, KCA Social Club Secretary Nick Hann, Support Group Treasurer Dorothy Evans, President Millicent Lions Leon Miels. Front:  Support Group Member  Lance Evans and Co-ordinator Tom Briggs.

by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

The Millicent Respiratory Support Group  presented the Community with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator  at a handover ceremony at the Medical Clinic Millicent this week.  The group became aware of the difficulties some  community members were having,  when visiting specialists away from home, having to rely on their  heavier more cumbersome oxygen bottles.  The Portable Oxygen Concentrator will be loaned to patients under the care of a Respiratory Nurse and Doctor and will be arranged through the Medical Clinic Millicent.

Millicent Respiratory Support Group Coordinator Tom Briggs said conversation began among the group members about the need for this equipment at one of their meetings and  Secretary Colin Pye decided to run with it and began finding ways to raise the $6000-00 needed. He began by organizing a raffle which raised $1000.00. This was followed by an address to Rotary by Respiratory Nurse Diane Thompson and a donation of $1000.00 from the Millicent Rotary Club.  Millicent Lions donated $250.00 and Kimberley Clark Australia (KCA)  Social Club donated $2000.00.

Colin Pye said he was overcome by the Rotary, Lions and KCA Social Club’s  generosity and wished to sincerely thank them for recognizing the need and supporting their campaign to raise the funds for this project.

Respiratory Support Group  Member, Lance Evans, thanked Rotary, Lions and KCA for their generous donations and all Respiratory Support Group Members for helping raise the funds needed to purchase this equipment.

Coordinator Tom Briggs and Secretary Colin Pye presented the Portable Oxygen Concentrator to Senior Partner Medical Clinic Millicent Dr Stephan VanEeden and Practice Manager Anne Bierwirth.

Ms Bierwirth said,  “It is a brilliant resource to have for the local community and patients. It will stay at the Clinic and the Clinic will manage its use, but it is a gift to the community. The Clinic will be the point of contact for patients to access the loan of the Concentrator when they need to travel to specialists.”

“It is an easy portable system and a valuable asset to patients. It is light and easy to manage especially on and off public transport.”

” This gift to the community will positively impact people’s lives and we are heartened by ‘locals helping locals ‘ through this gift.”

“The whole community will benefit from this, and we will be working with the Respiratory Nurse to make sure that people who need it in the wider community, will have access to it.”

The Concentrators’  12 monthly service  will be arranged by the Medical Clinic. There will be no charge to use the Concentrator;  a gold coin donation would assist with upkeep, but will not be a requirement of it’s availability to patients.

top story picColin Pye and Tom Briggs presented Dr VanEeden (centre)with the Concentrator.

Dr Van Eeden said, on accepting the Portable Oxygen Concentrator on behalf of the Community and the Medical Clinic, ” It will help many patients under the care of a Respiratory Nurse and Doctor.”

“At a time when we are struggling for support from the State Government,  we are very thankful to the local community for standing up, to look after those in need in our community.”

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