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Lake McIntyre update with Noel Boyle – updated

noel and frog

Noel Boyle and the threatened Southern Bell Frog

by S Lowe newsonline wattlerangenow

Noel Boyle from the Lake McIntyre Management Committee spoke with 5 THE FM today on the morning program with Courtney and brought our listeners up to date with work at Lake McIntyre, visitors to the Lake, and what to do and what not to do to keep the Lake a welcome place for locals and visitors.

The Lake has had a good increase ion water levels but the season has changed and and lawns do need watering from now on through the summer and so a new watering system has been installed to help cater for the heat ahead of us. The grounds are kept beautiful by many hours of volunteer labour who do a magnificent job but more volunteers are needed for this time consuming job. Even a few minutes makes a difference said Noel.

‘The Lake has been the choice of venue for many Christmas Parties and this is always good to see,” said Noel.

Everyone is welcome to take their lunch out to the Lake, get a group together to celebrate and event but in the case of a Special Event such as a wedding or a Special Birthday, Noel advised listeners to book through the Wattle Range Council to make sure that the appropriate insurance is in place and also so that the Management Committee can be advised so that “we can make sure everything is tip top”, said Noel.

Bird counts are done regularly, we have Peleicans, 38 Freckled Ducks, 38 Lathams Snipe – Japanese are visiting and do so annually.

“We have Swans and Blue Billed Ducks with young visiting.”

Noel said that if you think you hear a chain saw starting up on your walk around the Lake, it will probably be the Growling Grass frog or the Southern Bell Frog which is a threatened species.  Noel said that they had heard them before but now they have recordings and photographs.     ( see below)


Dogs are not allowed at the Lake because they can foul the area and this is not good for visitors or people wanting to hold a special event there, so Noel asked that people not take their dogs to the Lake in the interest of everyone using this facility.

Photograph: S Lowe

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