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Holiday season Accident and Emergency services

IMG_9915Normal Millicent Hospital Accident and Emergency service available over the holidays.

Source: CHSA press release

Accident and Emergency services will be available over Christmas and New Year holiday period at the Millicent, Penola, Naracoorte and Mt Gambier Hospitals.

A second new full-time resident GP has been recruited to work at the Penola Medical Clinic. Dr Naif Saigol will join Dr Wasif Baig, whose appointment was announced in October, to provide GP services as well as emergency and inpatient services at Penola War Memorial Hospital.

“Dr Saigol will come to Penola from NSW were he has been working as a Resident Medical Officer since 2011. Dr Baig will start on 13 January while Dr Saigol will start the following week, hoever the Penola Medical Clinic will be operating with a limited capacity between Monday 30 December and Friday 3 January.

During this period, a GP will not available for consultations in the clinic but will be available for urgent medical issues through the Penola War Memorial Hospital Accident and Emergency Department.

They will also provide 24/7 on call, inpatient and emergency services at the hospital. The Practice Nurse will continue to be available to see residents at the Penola Clinic. Anyone needing a GP for urgent medical issues between this period can contact the hospital on 8737 2311.

The Nangwarry Clinic will be closed from 20 December when Dr McArthur retires, and will reopen later in January when Dr Baig and Dr Saigol start work.

Anyone in Nangwarry needing a GP for urgent medical issues should also contact the hospital,  the press release said.

The CHSA press release advised the public that Hospital and Accident and Emergency services are also available in Mount Gambier and Naracoorte.

WattleRangeNow was advised today that the Millicent Hospital Accident and Emergency Services will  be available as usual over the holiday season, with a combination of visiting Locum Doctors and local GP’s from the Medical Clinic Millicent.

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