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The four Millipudlian lads return to Rendey Road!

oath cover shotThe four Millipudlian lads of OATH – Jack, Don, Ken and Chris

by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

The four Millipudlian lads of OATH  returned to Rendey Road  to help family and friends say goodbye to 2013 and welcome in the new year. The promised high energy evening  delivered.  The four friends, all with a love of live music,  formed OATH just over a year ago and have been playing in pubs and garages around town for several months.

2014-01-03 14.16.28OATH – Jack on guitar, Dad Ken on drums, Don and Chris on Guitar

OATH  (Old As The Hills) is the creation of Ken Lane on drums, Don Lucas lead singer and guitarist, Jack Lane singer and guitarist and Chris Copeland on base. The lads play covers from their era but Ken has also written several originals which they also performed.

Ken’s love of music extends to local radio where he  presents on 5 THE FM on Wednesdays 4-6, Chris follows on Wednesdays 6-10 and Don was one of the early managers. He recently returned as a fill in presenter on call and does the occasional voice over.

Wednesdays at 4-00 pm, Status Quo hits the airwaves a sure sign that Ken is in the building.  He also presents the popular program Saturday Morning Jukebox on occasion.

Ken laughingly says, ” You may hear OATH at a garage near you very soon………………….if you book us!”

OATH play rocky blues including the original ‘Blues Idea’  and a complete re-working of the 70’s classic ‘Tie a Yellow Ribbon round the Old Oak Tree.’

Ken and wife Michelle frequently travel to live concerts and son Jack has been exposed to a wide variety of music from a very early age.

Ken said, “Jack showed a love of music very early in life and at age 6 we bought him a small guitar and the rest is history.”

Human Garbage top shotHuman Garbage – Jasper, Jack, Ryan and Kobe

HUMAN GARBAGE, led by Jack Lane and accompanied by Jasper Hammatt, (guitar) Ryan von Eiman (drums) and Kobe Sawter (guitar) set the bar high and performed a set of covers and originals, mostly written by Jack.  HUMAN GARBAGE was only formed in the last 12 months but the four lads show a talent which could very well see them a name in the future.  Jasper  was one of the youngest presenters ever to train at the station and spent 4 years with 5 THE FM hosting his own youth based program.

HUMAN GARBAGE are a modern punk band who do covers and originals like ‘Snapshot Suck.’

Jack, a year 9 High School student is a talented young man and can just as easily slip from dark head banging music with HUMAN GARBAGE, darker music in the duo of Jack and Henry Inglis on drums. ( another very musically talented young man), to lead guitar blues style with his dad in OATH and then pick up a  classical guitar and perform an acoustic version of the very old ‘ A Spanish Romance’.

He is just as comfortable accompanying a walk up guest artist with a song he doesn’t know.

2014-01-03 14.13.15Jack Lane – eyes on the world stage

Jack’s musical ability in writing, playing and singing at just 15 years old will take him to the national stage  and possibly the world stage in the very near future and when that happens, we can all say – that boy’s from Millicent.

Jack is also a straight A student achieving eight A’s in year 9 2013, with additional A’s in music.

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