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Local hospitals available to residents to cool down

by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

Country Health SA advised 5 THE FM today (Wed)  that all CHSA hospitals are open to the public for people to stay cool during the ongoing period of extreme heat. People who are finding it difficult to stay cool in their homes can report to the reception of their local hospital and provision will be made for a cool place to stay during the day.

A spokeperson from the Millicent Hospital advised 5 THE FM that the Millicent Hospital has  facilities available and members of the community are welcome to go to the hospital if they are finding it difficult to stay cool in their own surroundings. They will be provided with a cool place to rest and cold drinks.

Penola Hospital is also available as a cool place to go for people unable to stay cool in their own surroundings.

Medical Clinic Millicent advised that if people are feeling unwell with heat related symptoms, they can call the Clinic on 8733 2200 for advice. Anyone  unwell from the heat can also present at their hospital in the normal manner.

On 14 January 2014, there were a total of 33 heat-related presentations to metropolitan Adelaide hospitals.

 In SA country hospitals there were 13 admissions for heat-related conditions.

 Berri – 1   Coober Pedy – 1  Crystal Brook – 1  Gawler – 2  Kapunda – 1 Leigh Creek – 1 Mount Barker – 1 Mount Gambier – 1

Port Pirie – 2 Strathalbyn – 1 Tailem Bend – 1

 A total of 46 people  presented with heat related illness on January 14th and 70 people have presented over the 2 days of January 13th and 14th

SA Health website offers tips on preparing for and managing a heat wave.

South Australia can experience long periods of extreme heat. During our long heatwaves it is easy to become dehydrated and for the body to become overheated.  If this happens, heat cramps, heat exhaustion or even heatstroke may develop. It is very important for everyone to know what the effects of extreme heat are, who is at risk and what to do to prepare for and cope during times of extreme heat. See our Extreme Heat Guide (PDF 397KB) (opens in a new window).

  • Information on heat related conditions and what to do if you have any symptoms
  • Practical tips on preparing for and coping during extreme heat
  • Emergency treatment for people affected by the heat while waiting for an ambulance
  • Helpful tips for recovering from the heat when it is over.

Additional ideas to remember to prepare for extreme heat and if there is a power failure.

  • Fill a bath or bowls with cold water in advance so you can cool down
  • Keep the curtains and blinds drawn
  • Use a battery operated personal fan
  • Fill bottles/jugs of drinking water kept in a cool dark place
  • Still keep medications that need to be refrigerated in a fridge but wrapped in foil or a heat repellent container with an icepack ready to place with them if power goes off
  • After power comes back on after a prolonged outage be careful of eating food products usually stored in the fridge or freezer that may have been damaged by loss of cold storage .
  • If the heat cools in the evening but the power is still off – if you feel safe to do so – open up the house to let the cool air through

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