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The Millicent Field Nats  met on January 12th for an Atlas Bird Count at Lake McIntyre. The Millicent Field Naturalists Club celebrated its 50th birthday last year, and although the members are a bit older now, they still like to get out in the field and observe the natural environment. Eleven members attended, starting the count at 3.30pm and finishing it at 5.20pm.

It was a very warm afternoon so a lot of the birds we were hoping to count were just not showing themselves. However the club still managed to get a list of 44 different species.

 The highlights were seeing 4 very small Australasian Grebes swimming in amongst the water ribbon with their mother and a Baillon’s Crake. The other notables on the water were a Great Crested Grebe and 2 male Blue-billed Ducks. The Blue-billed ducks  stand out from the other ducks in the water with their very bright blue bills.

 As well as the birds, interest was shown in the several blue damsel flies, the number of common brown butterflies all around the lake, and the spectacle of 3 Brushtail Possums huddled together in a she-oak tree.

 The count was followed by a lot of very interesting discussions over a leisurely BBQ tea.

Those attending decided not to stay for the evening and see if they could see any possums, bats or even owls as the weather turned quite chilly, but  decided to return for the night time walk at a later date.

 The  club has an outing each third Sunday of the month, with special indoor meetings held when needed.

Anyone wishing to find out more about the Field Naturalist Club is encouraged to contact Rosey (87333909), Sheila (87332320) or Peter (87332047)

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