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Rare find at Lake MacIntyre

Adrian's frog December 2013Photo by Adrian Boyle – the Growling Grass frog at Lake MaIntyre

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Once again Lake McIntyre surprises us with yet another uncommon species, this time a frog species. Sheila and Adrian Boyle heard an unfamiliar sound on one of their night walks around the lake just prior to Christmas. Sheila thought it could be a Growling Grass Frog. Unfamiliar with this species of frog they decided to record the noise and look it up when they got home. This they did, and discovered that Sheila was right – it was indeed a Growling Grass Frog (Litoria raniformis), also known as the Southern Bell Frog. This species is listed as Vulnerable both on a national level, and locally in South Australia.

On discovering this, visiting Ornathologist Adrian Boyle thought he had better go back to the lake and try to get a photo of the frog. Normally, if anyone decides to try and find a particular frog in a very large lake, they are very disappointed. But when you are dedicated, know what to look for and where, it is obviously not too hard a task!!

Adrian did manage to find the frog again and take a photograph of it for the Lake McIntyre Management Board records, for which the Board is very grateful.

Regular visitors to the BBQ area may notice the addition of a child’s table and chairs set to one of the BBQ shelters. This set was ready to go to the Resource Recovery Centre, but in a generous act of reduce, reuse and recycle, it was decided to donate the set to the lake as an addition to the picnicking area. From the amount of movement these little items of furniture undergo, it is obvious that they are being well utilized. I’m sure smaller children enjoy being able to sit and have lunch at a table that is made just for them.

On a more discouraging note, the lake has suffered once again with several attacks of vandalism. The small group of dedicated volunteers who work at the lake to keep it looking so good, and maintain the facilities such as the BBQs and the bird hides etc are disappointed at the senseless damage the vandals inflict around the lake and BBQ areas. In the lead up to the Christmas period and into the New Year, there has been a scraper cut and stolen from a BBQ, wooden palings kicked out of a hide, numerous new plants have been pulled out of the ground, and older ones broken or pushed over, sprinkler heads removed or damaged, and the water tap to the toilet block turned off with pliers so that the toilets would not flush.

The Management Board would like everyone to help us stop these acts of vandalism by reporting any suspicious acts or any damage noted to a Board member or the Wattle Range Council.

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