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Letter to the Editor – fracking in the region.


Meetings have been held around the region, over the last few months , addressing the planned fracking

“I cannot believe that you can inject significant quantities of highly  toxic chemicals into a rock seam at high pressure to fracture the rock
and then flush it out with a large volume of water with-out contaminants being left behind to pollute aquifiers!” All this in a state where
potable water is a serious problem.

Are then any comprehensive maps of Aquifiers anywhere in Australia  showing not only their positions but their stratification? What is the
inter-relationship between them and  the surrounding rock strata. What are their inter-connections? So many questions are posed and unanswered. It seems to be a case of proceeding on a wing and a prayer!

It could be argued by those in favour that they are only fracking shale and not highly porous rock but how can they be sure that the shale layer
was not fractured by seismic activity at some time in the distant past? This may  pose a risk of leakage of the fracking mix into other rock
layers and hence into water bearing or conducting rock. The shale may be intersected by other porous rock. You can’t see this especially as it
may be some distance from the immediate fracking site and be exposed by a fissure produced by the process.

Another concern is the huge amount of water to be used. Where is the contaminated water stored? In clay pans? How is it decontaminated? Is
it through evaporation which then leaves behind a toxic sludge? If so what prevents the toxic dust being blown about over surrounding land?
What if contaminated water overflows into waterways or dams?

To me the questions to be answered are vast and seem not to be addressed.

Do such potentially grave, irreversible and hence permanent risks justify the need for this gas?

We are selling our futures for a short term benefit!

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2 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor – fracking in the region.

  1. A few weeks ago I done a report on face about fracking and what concerns that I had, (1) all the caverns and sink holes that are in the Sth East, the water courses in the Sth East are mostly interlocking to each other in different areas, eg the Jacky White Waterhole and the lakes and swamps around the Wimmera (Vic) area are interlocked with those around Naracoorte as well as Bullagoon this has been proven. The Little Blue Lake on Mt Salt Road Mt Schank and the big Blue Lake at Mt Gambier are also connected together, if fracking takes place will we get sink hole appearing from the vibration? , will we get contamination of all our water resources in the Sth East?, The scientist can not tell us for sure what happens in unstable areas as the Sth East is, eg in the 50s when Mt Schank quarries was at full production, and doing blasting to dislodge the rock, the vibrations was felt 4miles away, and the water in the Little Blue Lake use to ripple from the edge and the middle.

  2. (2)further to my comment above there has been two known sink holes appearing in the world around areas where fracking has been done and the said sink holes has not been proven if the fracking caused them or not, but it was in unstable areas near extinct volcanic areas.