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Tourism film falls short says Mayor

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2014-02-10 19.30.59

Welcome to Millicent missing in tourism film

by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

Wattle Range Mayor Peter Gandolfi said today that he had seen the short tourism film at the centre of a ground swell of disappointment with local residents of the Limestone Coast and thought that it if was meant to be a generic film of the area, it fell short.

Mr Gandolfi told 5THE FM/wattlerangenow that highlighting one town in the area, leads to isolating others and this is clearly what happened in the new Tourism SA short film.

“We all have our own attractions and Tourism SA should be careful while highlighting one, not to do so at the detriment of others. This film is obviously about highlighting Robe.”

“If Tourism SA were planning to make a generic film of the area, our beaches, vineyards and hinterland can all look the same;  but this film still  fell short, ” he said.

One thought on “Tourism film falls short says Mayor

  1. I watched this terrible ad and the only thing I recognised was the glass of wine! The singing is morbid, photography is dark, meaning is confusing, therefore useless. I didn’t say anything to my husband until after he had finished watching for the first time, then asked him what it was about, and he had absolutely no idea. What a waste of money. Overseas tourists wouldn’t have a clue of its meaning. We need short, sharp, well-labelled ads with memorable impact. I know it is hard to give comment equally to each of our regions, but they are ‘regions’ and easily identifiable and labelled by their difference. Well, I have that off my chest now.