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Council financial assistance grants announced


by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

Wattle Range Council received twenty-two applications for Round 2 of Council’s Community Grants Program.  Based on assessment against the guidelines, twenty-one were recommended to be awarded grants to assist their respective community organisations/sports and recreation groups with projects and/or events.

Recommendations were made to award grants to the value of $13,716 to eleven Community Groups in the Financial Assistance Community Grant category.

  • Millicent Green Fingers Community Garden $1760 – to install irrigation system and pump
  • Penola Football Club $2000 – purchase defribullator for all groups
  • Lions Club Millicent  $2000 – replace catering van
  • National Trust SA – Mt Gambier Branch   $  291   –  replace external door of mens toilet
  • Millicent Craft Group  $  360 –   install new 25 l hot water system
  • Hatherleigh Community Hall Inc   $  400 –  install new rainwater tank
  • Radio 5THE FM $2000 – install CD shelving in new library
  • Millicent Shooting Starz  $ 813    –  replace camping equipment
  • 1st Millicent Scout Group   $ 1682 –  Replace two doors on storage shed
  • Beachport District Development Assoc   $ 1960  – Install steps in projection room at Beachport Cinema

These  Community Groups  were all approved for the amounts listed, with the exception of the Penola Football Club. Sporting Groups are not eligible to apply in this category according to the Grant guidelines,  but based on the advantage a defibillator would be to the whole community, Council recommended that the funds be granted from this funding, but not as a Financial Assistance Grant. This action was passed and Penola Football Club will receive $2000 to purchase a defibrillator to be available to all sporting bodies and the wider community.

Community Sport and Recreation Grants received eleven application and ten were approved, a total of $14,730-00

  • Millicent Gymnastics Club $ 960   –  conduct accredited training for new coaches
  • Penola Football Club  $1300  –  upgrade boiler room with new pipe and water softener
  • Penola Bowling Club  $2000   – installation of water gathering tank to collect run-off from artificial greens
  • Millicent Little Athletics  $1175  –   upgrade and replace existing sport equipment
  • Penola Cricket Club  $2000  –  construct storage shed at MacCorquindale Park
  • McCorquindale Park Manage/Com  $1795  –  erect bollards ans swing gates between Penola Sports Club and Netball/Tennis Courts
  • Beachport Bowling Club   $ 700  –  reconditioning 4 shade shelters western side
  • Millicent Croquet Club   $2000  – upgrade  retaining wall
  • Penola Golf Club  $1635  –  improvement to club house facilities
  • Glencoe Indoor Bowling Club  $1165  –  Glencoe Indoor Bowling Club

Millicent High School were not successful in their application. The school is not a sporting body and the project was not for general community benefit. The school advised that funding was available to support this project.

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