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Free film night on Fracking

by S Lowe 5THE FMnewsonlinewattlerangenow

Dr Catherine Pye will be a guest on 5THE FM on the morning program on 107.7 at 10-30pm speaking about her concerns regarding health issues,  related to the process of fracking. The Millicent Field Naturalists and the Limestone Coast Strike Out Alliance are hosting an information evening with the screening of the film A Fractured Country – An Unconventional Invasion. The documentary is about Australians whose lives have been adversely affected by unconventional gas exploration.

Spokesperson Rosey Pounsett said today, ” It affects the whole of the South East. If our water is affected, we are all affected and it isn’t just now we need to be concerned about, but the future, our children’s future. “

“There is a lot of evidence to show that many people, including children, have serious health problems related to unconventional gas drilling.”

“Who will want to move here if the South East becomes a gas field, who will buy our wines and produce if they are affected by toxic chemicals released into our aquifers. This affects the whole of the South East,” she said.

Wattle Range Mayor Peter Gandolfi told 5THE FM, “We must protect our waterways at all costs”  Mr Gandolfi has called for an open meeting to be held in Penola   so that representatives from both sides of the issue can answer questions and people can voice their concerns.”

“It is important we get all of the answers.” he said.

Do yo uwant to live in

 a gas field?


Free screening


A Fractured Country

“An Unconventional Invasion”


Where: Millicent Civic and Arts Supper Room

 When: Friday 21st February 7.30pm

 Followed by a presentation on health issues

by Dr Catherin Pye


Question and Answer session will follow.

Millicent is under an exploration license for unconventional gas


Penola already has a gas drilling rig.


Presented by the Millicent Field Naturalist Society

in conjunction with Lock the Gate Alliance


Limestone Coast Strike Out Alliance

(Name change pending to Limestone Coast Protection Alliance)

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