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Council celebration for recipient of the Order of Australia


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Library Staff: Anne Schumaker, Carmel Tomlinson, Janice Nitschke, Christy Rowe

by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

Wattle Range Council CEO Peter Harriott congratulated recipient of the Order of the Australian Medal Janice Nitschke on her recent award, at a Council staff morning tea this week, saying he had never known or worked with any one who had won such a prestigious award. He congratulated her on her commitment to Libraries and her Community.

“This award is recognition of an amazing career and many achievements,” he said.

Ms Nitschke responded:

“Family, extended family and friends who have supported me over the 45 years, enabled me to study, and progress the library base . I always endeavoured to bring back what I learned or experienced back to Millicent – my home – my community. To think I was someone who started as a library assistant some years ago in Millicent would stand here and have been awarded an AM – amazing – probably a first in libraries and an honour and a mark of respect for women in Local Government.”

” Wendy Carpana CEO LGA commented that it was an honour and due recognition for Women in Local Government who don’t always achieve the success or position that they deserve.”

“Mayor Gandolfi mentioned me being at the Library for 45 years and what a journey – and how Libraries had changed. We are a meeting place, and places for  informal learning, a place for everyone, recreation, leisure and meetings.”

“Every challenge is an opportunity and that is how I developed my career. It was a great enabler – it enabled me to live in the world – to develop, to grow, to learn, to experiment.”

“Wattle Range won an LGA award for innovation once, excellence in IT – now we have social media, tablets, i-pads, i-pods, and a mix of technology for the community to explore and experiment with. Our Library is an enabler for our community with endless opportunities.”

“Tourism was thoroughly enjoyable and I worked with many great and committed people and made many friends. I now have the opportunity to develop libraries across the Wattle Range further.”

Ms Nitschke said she had many excellent mentors  who were willing to share their knowledge and that was the key.

“I have always been willing to learn, experiment, and am an avid reader of innovation, library trends, drawing on other experiences, always thinking about how can I can replicate and bring to it Millicent- would it work –would it benefit the community –how will I fund it. Inspiration is a great motivator- librarians are great collaborators.”

“I have been incredibly lucky and fortunate to have had wonderful peers, friends, people share their experiences and knowledge in order for me to build on this and develop, advocate, innovate and work for the public library network and our community always willing to extend and grow libraries, adding value –the community was always at the core of my journey.”

“Millicent is my home and although I had many opportunities to move and develop my career –this is where my family is and my roots –Libraries have been my life as my sister Andrea said –well done -Libraries have been your life –you deserve this reward.”

“I have made great friendships, worked with inspirational people, loyal colleagues, a supportive staff always willing to take on the next innovation or idea.”

“Thankyou to Council and Anne for this morning tea, to my family who have given me so much love and support – providing me with a strong backbone, and firm advice.  To Ian who started this journey of nomination and the support he received was exceptional and I never knew – to my loyal staff, friends and peers.”

“Thankyou you have all contributed and made this award possible.”

Photos of the Celebration follow this report:

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