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Medical Clinic welcomes new doctors

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New Doctors at the Medical Clinic-  L-R Back Dr Jonathon Tann, Dr Umesh Rawat

Front: Dr Sarah Willoughby and Dr Nicola McLernan

by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

The Medical Clinic Millicent welcomed one new Doctor and three new GP Registrars this week. They have varied interests and experiences but all want to practice as GP’s because they enjoy the variety and continuance of care they can give patients in this role.  They are looking forward to the combination of Clinic and Hospital work.

New Clinic doctor,  Dr Umesh Rawat was born in India and studied in Dehli. His brother was working as an Architect in Adelaide and encouraged him to come to Australia to train and live. He studied as an Intern in Adelaide at the Lyall McEwin and Modbury Hospitals.

His wife is also studying to be a doctor and hopes for an opportunity to join him in Millicent as soon as she has completed her training. Umesh has Emergency Department skills, enjoys General Practice Medicine and will join the hospital roster with the Clinic GP’s at the Millicent Hospital.

He decided to approach the Clinic after driving through the Limestone Coast on a visit with his wife. They loved the area and decided they would like to work and live in Millicent. He chose the Medical Clinic because it offers a wide range of experiences, including hospital work, which he is looking forward to. Umesh tries to travel back to India to visit his parents and family each year but has made his home in Millicent. His parents have visited him in Adelaide.

 Dr Sarah Willoughby returns to the Medical Clinic Millicent as a GP Registrar this year after first coming to the Clinic as a student in 2010; she returned in 2012 and will now spend the next 12 months at the Clinic as a  GP Registrar.

Sarah is a country girl, born and raised in Keith and knows the area well.

She said her student days at the Clinic were quite tough, but good. Tough because there are usually only two students at the Clinic at a time, so the majority of the time it is one -on -one with the doctor and this means you have to really be on the ball she said. Even though she thought her time as a student at the Clinic was tough, it was brilliant, because of the opportunity to learn so much and always wanted to return.

She will spend the next 12 months in Millicent with the possibility of staying longer and would consider remaining here for all or part of the remaining 2 years of her GP training. Sarah said regional work would be her choice in the future.  She has a special interest in anaesthetics.

Sarah has travelled and worked overseas several  times, including in Vietnam,  and may consider working in similar areas in the future during holidays.


Dr Jonathan Tann was born in Malaysia and was studying in New Zealand before coming to South Australia. He travelled to South Australia with friends and found the transition quite easy because he was with friends.

Jonathon is in his 1st year as a GP Registrar. He spent 2 years in Adelaide as an Intern and loves the work as a GP because of the variety and the continuity of care he can offer a patient as a GP.

In Malaysia, the GP Doctor is not held in as high esteem as in Australia and his parents were surprised,  he wanted to be a GP but have warmed to his choice; understanding the importance of GP Medicine.

Jonathan has a special interest in Skin Cancer and is looking forward to working and learning from Dr Bushell’s, (Clinic Senior Partner)  expertize in this field.

He will spend 12 months at the Medical Clinic, thinks the South East is very beautiful, and loves the rural setting of Millicent.

He tries to visit his family every two years.

 Dr Nicola McLernan was born in Scotland and moved to Australia with her husband and family in 2011. She spent time working in the Northern Territory in Aboriginal Health and loves rural work. Moving to and living in South Australia is very different to being in the Northern Territory, especially the climate she said.

Nicola worked at the Millicent Hospital as a Locum and got to know the local doctors during that time. She decided to approach them for a position as GP Registrar at the Clinic and will spend  six months in Millicent. She has Emergency Department experience and enjoys the hospital work.

She has a special interest in Palliative Care and may move into that area in the future. She is overseas trained and had to undertake additional training to practice in Australia; loves the mix of patients she sees in General Practice and Hospital work.

Nicola is married to a ‘sparky’ and they have two daughters aged 7 and 5.

 Dr Sarah Willoughby has come through the Southern Training Program and Drs Jonathon Tan and Nicola McLernan have come through the Sturt Fleurieu Program.

Practice Manager Anne Bierwirth said, the partners are passionate about training and this process gives new doctors a chance to see if they like rural life and it can also be a successful recruitment process for the Clinic.

“I am evidence of the Medical Clinic Millicent commitment to training and supporting doctors of tomorrow,” said Clinic Partner Dr Michelle McIntosh. She came to Millicent Clinic as a student from Flinder’s University in 2007, returned to the Clinic for 3 months as an Intern and became a Partner in 2013.

The Medical Clinic Millicent is a major employer in the region with a staff comprising four Partners, a Practice Manager, 3 Registrars, one Intern, two PRCC Students, six Contract Doctors, nine full time Administration Staff, three full time nursing staff, four Mental Health Nurses fortnightly, and Healthscope Services.

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