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Millicent Rotary Club focus on health and photography

Mary Altschwager

Mary Altschwager with one of her photographs.

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Mary Altschwager, is a  passionate Rotarian and a keen photographer and combines both of these interests when organising the Millicent Rotary Photographic Competition. She is photographed above with one of her photos (right) taken during a photographic workshop run in conjunction with the Competition last year 2013.  She is actively involved in all aspects of Rotary but has a particular interest in the Health programs run by Rotary Australia both locally and around the world.

Australian Rotary Health began in 1981 with money raised to research into Cot Death; this research saw the incidence of death in Australia drop dramatically. Most of the research funds now go to Mental Health – hopefully with similar results.

Research funded by Australian Rotary Health Ian Scott PhD scholar, Dr Felice Jacka, was named as one of the 10 most important studies of 2010 by American publication Medscape Psychiatry & Mental Health.

Media guidelines for reporting of suicide, founded by Australian Rotary Health, are now Australian Government policy. On-line therapy for anxiety disorders – “Anxiety Online”, initially funded by Australian Rotary Health, is now funded by the Australian Government to provide free treatment. The guidelines for the internationally acclaimed “Mental Health First Aid” were funded through Australian Rotary Health.

Australian scientists are among the world leaders in medical research. Australia has received six Nobel Prizes in medicine and we look forward to the day when a research project or scholar funded by Australian Rotary Health joins this list.

Australian Rotary Health funds – Research Grants, Reasearch scholarships, Post Doctoral Fellowships, Rural Medical Scholarships, Rural and Indigenous Nursing Scholarships, Community Health First Aid Courses.

Hat Day (for research into Mental Health), and Bowelscan, are projects that are funded or benefit from Australian Rotary Health.

With just days left to enter the Millicent Rotary Photographic Art Show, Mary encourages  photographers to enter before the closing date March 3rd, Entry forms can be downloaded from http://www.rotarymillicent.org.au or collected from the Millicent Library.  For further information please call Mary on 0407 331 147

Source: Mary Altschwager

Photo: S Lowe

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