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Exclusive interview with Celebrity chef Callum Hann

Callum Hann

by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

Adelaide’s well known chef Callum Hann was a guest on 5 THE FM on Wednesday 12th February and chatted with Rebekah on the morning program. Callum has just launched his second book I’d Eat That and discussed the variety of recipes he has included in it. After the interview Rebekah invited Callum to Millicent and was delighted when he accepted the invitation to visit on Sunday 9th March. He will demonstrate his cooking skills in a joint partnership with 5 THE FM and the Millicent Library. One lucky 5THE FM listener won a copy of the celebrity chef’s book I’d Eat That.

Callum said he has always been handy in the kitchen and wanted to eat good food. He wants to promote easy cooking of good food and this is the subject of his new book.

“We have to eat for the rest of our lives, so we may as well eat well,” he said.

Callum said the best way to eat is to eat food in season, it is always at its best and cheapest then. One chapter in his new book is dedicated to seasonal produce.

He wants to encourage people who live alone or who have limited means, to cook for themselves inexpensively and healthily.

“Since becoming runner-up of the 2010 Masterchef, I have had my hands full! I have spent my time working and learning in some of Australia’s best kitchens, including The Press Club, Maha, Hellenic Republic, and PM24. I have also toured Australian universities teaching students how to cook and eat well. I loved teaching students and saw huge potential to continue to educate, and hopefully inspire people to cook. In 2011 I started my own cooking school in Adelaide, Sprout Cooking with dietitian Themis Chryssidis, which continues to grow. Between Sprout classes I work with the Adelaide Produce Market community, Wesley Mission’s Food For Families Appeal, Chef de Quota, the Thankyou™ team, Jamie Oliver’s Home Cooking Skills and SA Life.”

I was also fortunate to win $20,000 for the Cancer Council by taking out the Masterchef Allstars title.

His cooking school in Adelaide attracts all walks of life and he enjoys teaching people from all levels of experience. Many of his students return for more advanced lessons saying they used to be scared to cook and but realize they can do it with a little training. One man came to a cooking lesson and realized that peaches have stones in the centre;  something he never knew before.

“So you see there are all levels of food knowledge,” he said.

“Successful cooking depends on presentation, color, the way it is placed on the plate,  sweet, salty and sour elements. Restaurants add a fresh element of herbs and make sure there is crunch, smooth and textured elements.”

“Good cooking can be simple and not cost a great deal,” he said.

When Rebekah shared a favorite of hers – toast, butter, vegemite and grated carrot – he said he hadn’t tried it but could see how it would work it has sweet, salty and savoury and it may appear in a future cook book!

He will be at the Millicent Library on Sunday 9th March at 10-00 am.

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