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Millicent Bowling Club Weekly Wrap-up

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Night Bowls Results – 26th  February 2014

Red Division
Grand Hotel and Sportsman’s Hotel continued their rivalry, The Grand winning a close one 26 + 2
Walker Boys made good use of their import for the night in another tight game against Rovers 26 + 2
Sunnies after a slow start continue to hold top spot winning comfortably against Untouchables 26 + 1
Cooper’s Clams aided by many touches finished the stronger accounting for Royal Reserve 27 + 3
Cream Puffs, once under way, finished well, defeating Skeeters and continue to climb the ladder 27 + 6
Wiggles with two grannies and two grandsons proved experience counts against Try Hards 28 + 6
Red Division winners, Legge’s Lane Larrikins, dropped a big score early against Rotary 28 + 6

White Division
Bits & Pieces won all the early ends, Ragamuffins all the late, resulting in a tie, 13 shots each
Romacs continued on their winning way, only just in a close game with Beefa’s Bunch 26 + 1
Beanz Team aided by the opposing skipper showed no mercy to leaders Wilson Court Jesters 27 + 2
Late Comers scored heavily all night and never let the Somerset boys into the game 27 + 12
Rocky Campers after a recent loss, bounced back against the Bedford Butterflies 28 + 12

Blue Division
Awesome Foursome had to score on the last end to defeat a tenacious Four Tees side 26 + 1
Max’s Longhorns played well and were never headed by a luckless Lions team 27 + 6
Bushrangers were dispersed to other teams after receiving a forfeit from Bacardi Bats 28 + 0
Maccas after an even start, powered away to a good win against Bobcats 28 + 12
Tant Tigers had another good win this time at Far Sides expense 28 + 12
Blue Division winners, Red Delicious, now claiming top spot, out pointed Nomads 29 + 6


Evan Pettingill (Cream Puffs), Ken Bellinger (Sunnies), Maurie Puiatti (Try Hards), Jockey for Red Delicious and Anthony Donghia (Coopers Clams) all had 3 – Josh Wight playing for Cooper’s Clams was outstanding with 4

No player had the required 3 touches

Glen Thomas (Far Side) and Maggie Thrussell (Four Tees) had 3

a Glimpse of the Past

a Glimpse of the Past

Hotondo Homes 2-4-2

Held on Somerset green with 22 players attending, the Hotondo Homes 2-4-2 on Thursday 27th February was played in between 10 teams of pairs & 2 teams of triples.

The winning rinks were Derk Pietersma & Peter Bateman 29 +2, Trevor Auld & John Drew 32+1, Peter Lowe & Alan Correll 32+13, Neil Whelan & Wayne Burris 32+20,

Runners up for the day was the triples team of Iain Campbell, Malcolm Wright & Alan Strother & the winners for the day were Peter Varcoe & Jim Campbell.

1st  prize in the raffle, the Millicent Quality Meats meat tray, was won by Ed Fitter & the bottle of wine (2nd prize) went to Wayne Burris.

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