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Millicent Hospital celebrates 50 years since opening

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HAC 50 year celebration sub-committee
L-R Kerryn Bennett, Alice Brennan and HAC President Brenton Dohnt holding the photo of Dr Andrew Thyne, Jeniene Davis

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Planning is underway to celebrate the Millicent Hospital’s opening, 50 years ago. A sub-committee of the Health Advisory Committee (HAC) is seeking  memorabilia from the public, to display in the hospital’s foyer in a purpose built cabinet. Celebrations will be held on Saturday 28th June and details will be announced in the coming weeks.

A photo of the late Doctor Andrew Thyne will be restored and placed in the foyer of the Millicent Hospital. Dr Thyne was very respected and his death in 1904 was  said to be a severe loss to the Millicent and surrounding district. In 1906 the hospital on Emily Street was dedicated and a memorial to Dr Thyne was unveiled.

It read: ” This hospital was erected by the people of the Millicent district in the year 1900 and in 1905 it was dedicated to the memory of James Andrew Thyne M.D. Ch.M. Edinburgh, M.R.C.S. England, L.R.C.P. London, as a tribute to their esteem and to mark their appreciation of his self sacrificing and distinguished services.”

Those who knew him well described Dr Thyne  – “He never did a selfish thing.”

Dr Thyne’s grand niece Sister Allison Thyne saw a advertisement for trained nurses in Millicent in a London paper,  and for sentimental reasons decided to apply. She was said to be very impressed with the love and respect shown in the older residents’ memories for the late Dr Thyne. While she was on staff, the plaque which had dedicated the old hospital to his memory, was transferred to the wall of a corridor in the new Millicent and District Hospital.

Items of memorabilia can include photos, stories, items of interest. The public are asked to contact HAC President Brenton Dohnt, Karen Bennett 0n 8733 2067 or Jeniene Davis on 8733 4723 or ring the hospital direct on 8733 0100. Items can be delivered to the Millicent Hospital or by contacting members of the committee to make arrangements.

Source: HAC committee and Millicent Library volunteer Lorraine Hyland

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