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Kookaburra at Lake McIntyre

by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattlerangenow

Noel Boyle was a guest on 5THE FM this week with the latest Lake MacIntyre news.

Covered Walkway: – “We have been working on widening the path it is too narrow because some of the trees are collapsing. When running around we need it to be safer and we had noticed that it was too low for some people so we have been trimming that area.”

Gas Bottle Stolen:- “Someone, thieved, took the hinges off one of the BBQ’s and forced the lock on the other one. Two out of the three BBQ were not working and we are hopeful that we will catch them with the hidden cameras.”

Cementing of BBQ’s floors :-“These have been put on hold because the volunteers wife has been ill but it will happen in time. The committee wishes her a speedy recovery.”

Shifting Mulch: – “We have some mulch donated last year and we are using up a lot of mulch in many beds that need rejuvenating in readiness for the new plants when the weather breaks.”

Non native ducks:- “We have trouble with a number of white Muscovy ducks out at the lake. We have been trying to catch them because if the breed with the wild ducks they are not pure bred and can cause difficulty when they have their young. At the moment people are feeding the white ducks which have now paired up with a few wold ducks and these are coming up on the road way to be fed and this means they will become too friendly and may get run over. When they leave the lake they will see a car and think – food – and then they become easy targets for duck hunters.

Water Level:- “Naturally the water level is dropping but the water level is still good for this time of the year seeing we have had no rain.”

Overseas visitors:- “We have a lot of overseas visitors. One morning we spoke to four different travelers from four different countries.”

Signs:- “We will soon be putting up a number of signes, about postcard size, on the BBQ to let people know who to ring if there is a problem at the lake. Things like no gas, branch down and/or vandalism that needs to be brought to our attention.

Birds:- “We have approx 600 straw necked and white ibis and lorikeets.”

Functions:- “The Lake is becoming very popular for events including weddings and these must be booked through council. We will always make sure that the grass is cut and it is clean and tidy for these events.”

Lake McIntyre Committee is all volunteers based and we just do it because we love it. We are always ready to welcome more volunteers so if you are interested please let the council know and they will pass on your name to us.”

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